The fischertechnik Building System

With over 50 years of development and production, the fischertechnik building block is still unique today – allowing users to attach components to all six sides. The "many-sided" block forms the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets. fischertechnik was designed to allow every one of its construction sets to seamlessly connect to one another. These sets are categorized by age and the expected capabilities of the user. Choose from the various fischertechnik lines and explore the fischertechnik building system for yourself.

Benefits of fischertechnik

fischertechnik helps users of all ages learn to play. These sets inspire technical understanding and develop the following skills - all while playing!

  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Coarse and fine motor skills
  • Spatial imagination capabilities
  • Creative planning
  • Logical problem solving

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Find the fischertechnik Sets that are Right for You

fischertechnik is prized by builders and hobbyists of all ages, worldwide. Besides the unique, easy-to-use fischertechnik building system, these sets offer models geared towards whatever expertise levels you need.

The Junior Line (Recommended for Ages 5+)

The fischertechnik Junior line is the perfect introduction to the fischertechnik building system for young engineers. These sets are colorful and sturdy, combining the fun of play with the world of technology. fischertechnik Junior helps develop important skills in early learners, such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The Basic Line (Recommended for Ages 7+)

Develop technical comprehension and construction skills with the fischertechnik Basic line sets. These sets allow young builders the opportunity to explore realistic models and understand their functions. Learn about simple machines as you construct models that you can actually play with.

The Advanced Line (Recommended for Ages 7+)

The fischertechnik Advanced Line builds on what young engineers learned with the Basic sets. These models are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but they are also more detailed. Explore different kinds of technology with models that include more durable parts and fascinating capabilities. 

The STEM Line (Recommended for Ages 9+)

Promote STEM education at home with the fischertechnik STEM line. These sets offer hands-on learning experiences in areas of mechanics, statics, pneumatics, physics, simple machinery, electronics and renewable energies. This line, also known as the Profi line, includes some of the most popular fischertechnik products. These sets include full color instructions and multi-language activity guides to help you discover the captivating fields of STEM.

The Robotics Line (Recommended for Ages 10+)

fischertechnik is at the forefront of robotics! In fact, fischertechnik was the very first construction set to incorporate robotics and programming within its sets. This line has only continued to grow and evolve with emerging technology. With it, you can build fully functional robotic models using the construction system and the Windows-based, graphic software program - ROBO Pro.

The PLUS Line

The fischertechnik PLUS Line offers you additional components for your construction sets. Power, Light, Sound and Storage (PLUS) solutions are available to keep up with your creativity! Expand your fischertechnik models' functionality and keep them stored and secure with PLUS.

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