Unity Pro 5: Create Games + Interactive Content

It's easy with Unity. Unity is a fully integrated development engine that provides rich out-of-the-box functionality that allows you to create amazing games and other interactive 2D + 3D content. Unity's complete toolset, intuitive workspace and rapid, productive workflows help you drastically reduce the time, effort and cost of making interactive content. Start making your own game today.

Unity 5 - New Features

Unity 4 Pro brought some big improvements like mecanim, refined workflows, publishing to Linux and many more. Unity 5 goes even further to improves upon the affordable, easy to use game engine that has taken the game industry by storm.

Discover more about some the new features and improvements below. Additional information about these updates is available in our blog article, "Unity 5: What does it mean for Game Design?"


Unity 5 adds a lot of new features for graphics. For lighting, there is now real-time global illumination - that is mobile, desktop & console ready. New improvements for shading include reflection probes and physically based shading. There are also updates to the user interface (UI) tools that create an intuitive design system for 2D and 3D .(This is also available for Unity 4 users.)

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Improvements for audio include realtime mixing and mastering that now allows you to create detailed mixing graphs, tweak your mix in play mode and create snapshots & blend between them. Now you can insert effects anywhere in the mix, create sends + returns between any group and implement ducking quickly & easily.

2D Improvements

There are many new physics effectors like a point effector that attracts and repels and a surface effector that applies tangential force. There is an area effector that applies directional force and also a platform effector that allows for a one way collusion with zero side friction.


Direct blend trees allow you to fully control all animation weights at runtime. The state machine lets you transition between state machines with entry and exit nodes and add behaviors directly to states. The root motion authoring allows you to drive any any object via delta animation.

Platform Enhancements - WebGL

This new feature allows you to deploy to the web without a plug-in.

Unity Cloud

Great news for mobile advertisements. Now no third party SDK is required. You can author ads, cross promote and find partners via a web portal. Enable interstitial content with simple API. Plus all your content will be dynamically loaded post-publish. There are also many more Unity Cloud services expected in the future.

More Unity 5 Improvements

Include a 64-bit editor, terrain speed tree integration, new asset bundle system, more physics 2D API, Nvidia PhysX3 upgrade, ambient light scene render settings and many, many more. Read our blog for more info.

Watch this video to "see" what's new with Unity 5.


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Unity Education Discounts for Students, Teachers and Schools

Unity offers academic discounts on their game development and interactive design products to help students & teachers get started. Studica also offers complete Unity Suites for secondary and post secondary education. Studica offers resources to help enhance STEM education with Unity in the classroom. Watch onDemand webinars or take a look at upcoming webinars about bringing game design into your STEM classes.