112 New Pantone Colors Announced, New Products Available

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Pantone 112 New Colors

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Pantone 112 New ColorsThe authority on color, Pantone, has announced the introduction of 112 new colors – bringing the Pantone Matching System total to 1,187 colors. For those of you that are interested in color design, this means new swatchbooks to follow.

The new colors come in response to a growing demand by graphic and digital designers for a broader range of “blushes, blues and neutrals”. Pantone’s new colors definitely fulfill this request, but also add some very bold shades of purple and green, along with rich reds, browns and oranges. Check out the latest products that include the new 112 colors!

New Colors, New Possibilities

The new colors are inspired by evolving changes in contemporary packaging and graphic design. There is a particular emphasis on specific color ranges derived from industry requests. So, what does that actually mean for our design students, our educators and of course dedicated graphics professionals?

Basically, the digital graphics industry felt that print and digital replications of color were lacking in eight specific color ranges: Greens, Blues, Reds, Oranges, Browns, Neutrals, Pinks, and Purples. Pantone took into consideration these concerns and analyzed how designers were coming up with their own variations in color. The result became 112 new colors to boost creative possibilities. Let’s take a look at each range to learn more about these latest shades.

Pantone Greens Blues Reds and Oranges

Greens continue to influence design, which led to the addition of a wide array of green shades, including earthy warm yellow-greens, olive-infused shades, deep-blue greens and citrusy, energetic hues.

Blues are more refined with varying degrees of aquamarine; cooler, ethereal tones; denim blues and classic dark navies.

Reds introduce richer, more elegant colors containing both blue and yellow undertones. They also include deeper wine reds with hints of brown.

Oranges are expanded to include variations of this versatile shade. They now include radiant orange tones, spicy shades, toned-down hues suffused with brown, and coral influenced hues.

Pantone Browns Neutrals Pinks PurplesBrowns fall into shades that are more luxurious, yet rich in earth tones. These new colors include robust coffee and chocolate browns, along with more golden and red-based colors.

Neutrals continue to have an importance in design with trusted, organic, and grounded characteristics. From sandy beiges to classic taupes, the new range of neutrals offers warmth and comfort.

Pinks are noticeably softer in many cases. These colors mimic nature and convey a rosy glow. More vibrant shades with blue undertones are also present, which express a more playful side.

Purples hues are noticeable enhanced with multi-dimensional aspects, including red-based shades and several grayed-down purples with blue undertones. The new purple range also contains an array of softer midtones and more mystical purple shades.

New Pantone Color Products

Pantone Color Products 2016

As part of Pantone’s New Colors, New Possibilities campaign, they took time to interview some well-known graphic design artists to see which Pantone products they used every day. Chip Kidd, best known for his incredible book covers, discusses how he prefers the Pantone Solid Chips collection. Jessica Walsh, co-founder of the successful creative agency, Sagmeister Walsh, favors the Color Bridge collection. Meanwhile, Eddie Opara is a partner at the design studio Pentagram and works with the prominent Formula Guide set.

Not sure which Pantone Color Matching System is right for you? Make sure to compare some of the most commonly used products based on design industries below. Also, if you have some time, listen to everything these amazing artists had to say by visiting the Pantone website.

Pantone Color Matching System Guides Comparison


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