Navigating your 3D World with 3Dconnexion

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Navigating your 3D World with 3Dconnexion

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3DConnexion SpaceMouseA renowned provider of devices for 3D visualization and design professionals, 3Dconnexion products offer a more natural and intuitive approach to working with computer-generated 3D content. Their products support popular architectural CAD, mechanical engineering, media and entertainment applications. Supported applications include titles from Adobe, Autodesk, Robert McNeel, Maxon, Siemens, SOLIDWORKS, Smith Micro, Chief Architect, and many more. View complete list. Most commonly, 3Dconnexion is known as a world leader in 3D mouse development and manufacturing.

What is a 3D Mouse?

Basically, if you’ve even been working on a design and wished you could go ahead and grab your model on the screen, a 3D mouse allows you to do just that. It provides a similar experience to holding that 3D model in your hand. An important item to note is that the 3D mouse does not replace your regular mouse. They work together. Take a look at this quick video for a more visual explanation. Then, we will discuss the benefits. Of course, we’ll also provide information on education discounts that are available.

Why Use a 3Dconnexion Mouse?

As you learn how to use a 3D mouse, you can easily see how it can benefit you. Understanding how simple it can be to pan, zoom, and rotate your model opens up your imagination to new possibilities. Watch this video to see how a 3D mouse allows you to naturally and comfortably interact with your digital content.

Now that you have seen how it works, it is much easier to see the benefits that using these 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse products can bring to you.

  1. Comfort: We all know repetitive mouse movements can be painful to your wrists, arms, and hands. When using a traditional mouse, all the strain is put on one side of your body. The two-handed work-style approach created by the 3D SpaceMouse not only shares the burden on both sides but also reduces overall usage. You’ll have less pain and fatigue, which makes the overall process that much more pleasant.
  2. Productivity: Due to the fact that the SpaceMouse allows for a cooperative and balanced two-handed work style, you can get things done faster and with better attention to detail. Create higher quality designs in less time, great for profitability and productivity.
  3. Exciting Technology: The core technology of the Space mouse is the same technology that NASA utilized to manipulate the first robotic arm in space. This includes an advanced 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom) sensor that is able to detect input as tiny as 1/25th of a human hair. It’s easy to how this can provide the level of precision demanded by CAD professionals, architects, engineers, and other 3D professionals.

Education Discounts on 3Dconnexion Products

As promised, we always like to point out when students, faculty, and classrooms have the opportunity to take advantage of academic pricing. At Studica’s 3Dconnexion store, you can take advantage of this special pricing (with proper education verification). Shop popular options such as SpaceMouse ProSpaceNavigatorSpaceMouse WirelessCadMouse Wireless, and more. Plus, sign up for Studica’s email newsletter to get more savings and product information delivered right to your inbox.


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