Avid’s New Sibelius Release: More for Less

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Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software. With it, you receive a range of sophisticated, easy-to-use tools that are trusted by professionals, educators and students alike. The latest release offers the reliable tools we’ve come to depend on at even more affordable price points. Now you can compose with a low-cost subscription, or own the software outright. Manage multiple licenses with network licensing, or get started with Sibelius First. Avid is offering more for less with new features and more ways to save.

Express your creativity with Sibelius

sibelius music notation softwareAvid has integrated new features into the latest Sibelius release that will help you express your creativity in new ways. Whether you’re composing for a live performance, movie, television or your own project, these additional tools are sure to help you create the sound you need.

The annotate feature is great for those that prefer composing on the fly. Create reminders for yourself about music changes as you’re composing, or offer up edits and feedback to others. Annotate allows you to draw directly on the score using a mouse, trackpad, USB tablet or Surface Pro 3 Pen.

Annotations are grouped together and automatically attach to the bar you add them to, so you don’t need to worry about losing your notes.

Multi-touch Gestures
Working on a laptop with a trackpad or using a Surface Pro 3? Now you can get the most out of your technology using touch capabilities. Zoom in and out of your score with a ‘pinch-zoom’ gesture. You can even set it so your zoom levels are predetermined and will zoom in and out with a quick double-tap.

Surface Pro 3 Pen Support
You may have noticed that many of the new features included in the latest Sibelius release are optimized for the Surface Pro 3 Pen. Add and edit notes with a tap of the pen, and play music in real time using the tablet’s onscreen keyboard and fretboard. Other features for the Surface Pro 3 Pen include: using buttons to select, erase and edit your music, as well as the ability to drag the score around and resize object while inputting notes.

Learn more about the new features making waves in the latest Sibelius.

Sibelius Licensing: An option for everyone and every budget

One of the best things about the new Sibelius is its pricing. With the new price model, Sibelius is available to more musicians and audio professionals. Discover which is option is right for your budget!

Sibelius – Perpetual License Sibelius – Annual Subscription
  • Perpetual license to own and use Sibelius forever. Applicable to license purchase, upgrade or crossgrade.
  • Includes Avid upgrade plan and support to help you keep your software up to date.
  • Renew your plan annually to stay current.
  • Subscribe to Sibelius on a yearly basis.
  • Access software at a lower monthly cost than a monthly subscription.
  • Includes Avid upgrade plan and support with access to the latest version of software for the duration of your subscription.
Ideal for…
  • Existing Sibelius users who already own the software and want access to the latest tools at the lowest annual cost (via a license upgrade).
  • New Sibelius customers who prefer owning software that does not expire, as opposed to a subscription.
  • New Sibelius users interested in a lower price entry point.
  • Institutions, faculty and/or professionals who want to manage Sibelius as an ongoing operational expense.

Get your hands on the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write and share music with the new Sibelius!

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