Introduce Controls Education with NI myDAQ

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Introduce Controls Education with NI myDAQ & mySTEM Project Board

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myDAQ InstrumentationAs you are probably aware, the NI myDAQ is a portable measurement and instrumentation device. It is ideal for student learning and can easily be used in a classroom setting. It is an affordable, portable and durable data acquisition device that allows students to analyze and measure live signals. Combined with LabVIEW it can be used to replicate expensive instrumentation such as an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, bode analyzer and more. Now, combined with the mySTEM™ Project Board miniSystem, the NI myDAQ can be used for introductory controls education.

What Does the mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ Offer?

mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQThe mySTEM™ Project Board has many features that make it an ideal tool for the introduction of control systems. For one, it allows you to connect the myDAQ to larger, high-current devices. Essentially, it will transform your data acquisition device into a programmable automation controller. With the mySTEM Project Board, you can control four separate output channels. Because it minimizes the wiring needed to write a program in LabVIEW and connect to output devices, you can focus on the logic of control and signal processing.

Education Applications

myDAQ-students-outdoor-labUse the mySTEM Project Board, myDAQ and LabVIEW for explaining the process of how to design programs. Instruct how to turn state machine diagrams and flowcharts into LabVIEW programming to control systems. Cover sequential and combinational logic and applications to control systems. Review analog and digital sensors and the decision process. Explain how to connect active and passive sensors. As you can see, this powerful miniSystem for NI myDAQ has applications that reach many areas of study, including STEM education, engineering, technology, control systems, robotics, automation, and more. This miniSystem also includes a Quick Start Guide and Comprehensive Learning Resources to help anyone working in a STEM education related field to gather data, make decisions and control output devices.

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