Curriculum Programs for Elementary STEM Education

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Curriculum Programs for Elementary STEM Education

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elementary-stem-education-curriculumThe importance of STEM education has been well documented. Everyone is in agreement we have to teach our students so they can be competitive in the global marketplace. What is not so simple is figuring out how to achieve that. How can educators engage their students in STEM learning? Project-based learning has proven to be an excellent tool. By engaging students in hands-on activities, they learn key concepts while solving real world problems. Studica has brought together an impressive assortment of curriculum programs for STEM education for a wide range of grade levels.

Making STEM Accessible for Elementary Students

Early learners are still developing essential cognitive skills and are naturally curious. Yet, most students are not exposed to STEM concepts until middle school. fischertechnik Education offers Introduction to STEM sets designed specifically for elementary students, grades 2-5. These sets include standards-based curriculum to bring basic STEM concepts to life for young students.

Elementary STEM Curriculum

fischertechnik Elementary STEM curriculumIntroduction to STEM I focuses on everyday technology and explaining how simple machines work. An affordable, scalable and reusable solution, it provides everything you need to build a series of STEM-focused models.  (You can request the Intro to STEM I curriculum here free of charge.)

If you are looking to introduce robotics and more in-depth technology – Introduction to STEM II offers 12 easy to understand models. This set focuses more on computer sciences with programming activities and interactive learning that incorporates robotics. (Request your free copy of Introduction to STEM II curriculum here.)

fischertechnik Introduction to STEM I

Let’s take a closer look at the Introduction to STEM I Set:

  • Contains everything needed to build a series of functional, STEM-focused models
  • Engaging hands-on projects that can easily be completed in 45 minutes or less
  • Complete standards-based curriculum: meets College and Career Readiness Standards for Math, Reading, and Writing, and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Comprehensive teacher’s guide that includes student worksheets, rubrics, answers and more
  • Turn-key: does not require science or technical experience
  • Affordable, reusable, and easily scalable


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