Game Design Curriculum Program for STEM Education from GameSalad

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GameSalad Creator Pro Design BundleFor those of you unfamiliar with GameSalad, it is a 2D game development program that does not require coding. GameSalad is great for education. They have recently released new product offerings that are designed to assist educators teach project-based learning for STEM related concepts using game design that includes curriculum. These can be used to create gamification titles, video games and more. There are many ways a game design program can help engage students in STEM education. Learn more about how video games and STEM education fit together.

GameSalad Education Offerings

The new GameSalad Creator Pro Design Bundles offer curriculum that focuses on game design and STEM education topics, the GameSalad Creator Pro software, the super mega pack for assets and group GameSalad certification.

Curriculum for Game Design & STEM Concepts

This customizable curriculum for game design is centered on the GameSalad Creator Pro software. It includes classroom exercises, assignments, exam and evaluation guides. This curriculum is versatile allowing you to adapt it into your existing lesson plans or get started using it for your game design program from day one. The GameSalad curriculum is perfect teaching STEM related concepts particularly science and math.

Training for GameSalad Certification

To make your job as an educator a little easier, GameSalad has developed a certification program that will get you up to speed on what you need to get a jump start in presenting this content to your students. It includes a complete introduction to the GameSalad software and overview of the basic principles of game design. Plus, you will even build your first game "Sea Sprint". Before you know it you will understand the pillars of core design and logic building. You will learn how to prep files an assets, create characters & collisions, make your players interact and much more. Learn more about GameSalad Certification training. Sign up today, the next interactive online class begins on July 29th.

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