Dremel 3D Printing Solutions for Education

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Dremel 3D Printing Solutions for Education

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Are you familiar with the brand Dremel? You’ve probably seen their products walking through your local hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes. For over 80 years, this trusted brand has been assisting Makers of all kinds with a complete line of versatile tool systems. Dremel is now bringing its experience and expertise to the education market. It is their mission to provide solutions for the digital fabrication needs or your classroom or makerspace. Plus, in collaboration with education thought leaders and lighthouse universities, they’ve developed standards-based curriculum for all levels. The Dremel Digilab offers lesson plans for elementary, middle school, high school, and college & university.

Why Choose Dremel for 3D?

When you purchase Dremel for your school, you are getting a lot more than just a 3D printer that comes with easy to use software and PLA filament engineered for optimal printing. You get the benefits of working with a reliable brand that has been trusted for over 80 years. Enjoy added benefits such as world-class customer support, mentorship, safety first UL certification, curriculum-based lesson plans and the industry’s best warranty. Get fast turnaround on replacement parts and take advantage of consistently updated How-To video tutorials and FAQs.

That’s what Dremel Dreams are made of!

Dremel DreamsTo encourage the introduction of digital technology, the Dremel Dreams educational program was developed. What are these dreams made of?

Giving teachers and students what they need for:

D – designing materials

R – researching new ideas

E – enhancing curriculum

A – activating imaginations

M – motivating each other

S – to shape better futures

Bring digital technology to your classroom. Take a look at the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 For Education 3D Printer. It offers all the benefits we listed above. You get the 3D printer, software, and filament. Plus customer support, professional development, curriculum-based lesson plans, and safety standards with UL certification. Get ready to design and build your own prototypes.  Take the technology in your classroom to new levels. Bring your students’ imaginations and their designs to life. Explore digital technology and 3D printing with this engaging program for education at all levels.

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