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July-Education-WebinarsIt’s finally summer, the perfect time to take a look at some solutions that can make your life easier come fall. Studica’s line-up of education-focused webinars is now available. View webinar schedule. At Studica, we are constantly searching for ways to connect teachers with the latest classroom technology that both engages students and makes life easier for the educator.

This month, we have a series of live educational webinars that offer powerful resources for STEM learning. For instance, we all know the ever-growing popularity of robotics competitions for involving students with electronics and programming. Discover how you can use this idea to introduce robotics into your classroom, create an engaging after-school program, prepare for/or design your own robotics competition. Does this interest you? If so, register now for our “Robotics Competitions with Standards-focused Curriculum” webinar.

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Take this opportunity to reserve your spot for these sizzling education webinars.

Robotics-Competition-WebinarsExplore Career Pathways with Toon Boom Animation for High Schools 7/17, Tuesday 3 PM Eastern  – Register Now

Robotics Competition Webinar
7/18, Wednesday 3 PM Eastern – Sign Up Now

Enhance Language Learning with Babbel for Education
7/19, Thursday 3 PM Eastern – Reserve Your Spot

Toon Boom Animation in Education for Colleges & Universities
7/24, Tuesday 3 PM Eastern – Register Now

Project-Based Learning
featuring fischertechnik Education STEM PREP & STEM Engineering
7/26, Thursday 3 PM Eastern  – Sign Up Now

STEM and Game Design
7/30, Monday 3 PM Eastern – Reserve Your Spot

“Elementary STEM Education with fischertechnik
7/31, Tuesday 3 PM Eastern – Register Now

Need Solutions? Studica Can Help!

If you can’t make it to the webinar that you have your eye on, feel free to contact Studica for more information. We are here to help. You can find more information on the fischertechnik Introduction to STEM sets, STEM PREP and STEM Engineering sets, Toon Boom Animation for Education, Babbel Language Learning Solutions, and more at

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