Making IoT Accessible to Education with ThingWorx

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Making IoT Accessible to Education with ThingWorx

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PTC is bringing its’ powerful ThingWorx technology platform to the education market. ThingWorx is a technology platform that allows users to develop and deploy connected solutions for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT, has been around for decades. Simplified, IoT refers to connecting devices or “things” with the internet to send and receive data. IoT changes the nature of “things” by expanding their capabilities. Smart, connected products and the data generated by them are creating a new era of competition. Factors such as the increased availability of broadband internet and devices with greater features make this topic increasingly more relevant today.

Engage Students in IoT with ThingWorx

Educator Extension ThingWorx

PTC recognized the need to create a solution to address IoT for education. They took the time to study the challenges faced by educators. Working with outdated curriculum and rapidly evolving technology are major challenges for today’s educators. If you combine that with the lack of accessible training for IoT and limited class time, it easy to understand the predicament educators are in. PTC created a solution to address these challenges of modern IoT education. That solution is now available as the Educator Extension for ThingWorx. This cutting edge product combines the ThingWorx technology, IoT specific online courses, and hands-on learning.

Educator Extension for ThingWorx

The Educator Solution for ThingWorx has three main components: technology, open courseware, and classroom resources.

Technology: Get access for you and up to 100 students to ThingWorks with a multi-tenancy platform. This simply means that a single instance of ThingWorx will run on the server and be available to multiple users. It is easy to set up. You will get a registration code. Create your online profile. Then, you are ready to set up your new class by sharing the access code generated for your students.

PTC ThingWorx CoursewareCourseware: A series of online mini-courses help you and your students understand the key concepts of IoT. Learn why companies around the world are so interested in the Internet of Things. Explore the implications of smart, connected products. These courses are available online so you can review them at your own pace. Real-world case studies and academic research are included. Certificates of completion are also available.

PTC ThingWorx Classroom ResourcesResources: Included as classroom resources are two projects that can easily be included with your lessons. Classroom-tested IoT application projects allow you to showcase the basic concepts of the ThingWorx technology. For instance, display data for temperature by connecting ThingWorx with Raspberry Pi. While these projects are basic, they also create a pathway to more advanced projects.

Get Started

If you would like to learn more about the PTC Academic Program and Educator Extension for ThingWorx, please contact Studica. One of our Education Consultants will be happy to help. You can also visit us online at

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