Electrical Engineering Curriculum with NI myDAQ

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Penn State is bringing the NI myDAQ into their Electrical Engineering program. The key benefit if the myDAQ in this case is hands on learning. Together with LabVIEW and Multisim this tool can be used in controls, circuit series, junior and senior design studies. It is also a cost efficient choice because together myDAQ and LabVIEW can replicate over $50,000 of instrumentation ranging from an oscilliscope to a digital reader.

RLC and Sallen Key FilterPenn State University is utilizing the myDAQ to bring Explorative Learning into their Electrical Engineering curriculum. The myDAQ is used for Circuits and Devices as a tool for investigating circuit concepts and introducing computer aided measurement. It is also being used to leverage existing resources. The myDAQ – my Data Acquisition Device – is portable and RLC and Sallen Key Filter 2powerful. It allows students to analyze and measure the world around them. Combined with LabVIEW, myDAQ is part of a powerful STEM Teaching Platform.

The myDAQ is being used for several courses including Design Process, Circuits and Devices, Linear Systems, Electronic Circuit Design, Design Experience and Design Process.  As an example for the Design Process course the myDAQ is being used to demonstrate consumer and producer design patterns. It is also a signal accessory for introducing the LabVIEW graphical programming environment. There are also several miniSystems that can be used in conjunction with the myDAQ to allow more creative out of the box  projects. Learn more about miniSystems.


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