Engineer Your World: An Innovative High School Curriculum

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Transforming how engineering is introduced and taught in high schools across the United States is the purpose of the Engineer Your World program. Nationally, educators need a standards-based program for engineering that is accessible, efficient, affordable, and of high quality. Teachers also need support, the Engineer Your World program meets those needs.

Engineer Your World for All Students

Engineer Your World for All StudentsEngineering should be accessible to all students, not just those that excel in math and science. Students of all backgrounds, abilities, and interests can benefit from the unique learning experience Engineer Your World provides.  All students will benefit from understanding the engineering approach to solving real-world problems. Empower them to become resilient problem solvers.  These are skills they can rely on in their pursuit of an engineering career or any path they choose. These important skills can help throughout their lives to help solve any problem they may face. Engineer Your World is an innovative, high school engineering course that aims to lead the way for the future of engineering education.

Impactful Engineering Education

Engineer Your World 2018Allow your students to learn in a classroom that engages them in authentic engineering practices in a problem-solving, inquiry, project-based environment. Ask them to complete a series of socially relevant design challenges that require the use of relevant STEM concepts. Let them create solutions for people. Teach them the creative design process and show them how to make data-driven design decisions that can improve lives. Engineer Your World uses a unique, multi-level engineering design process that high school students can relate to and at the same time reflects the true experience of professional engineers.

Get Started

To reach as many students as possible, affordability is key. Engineer Your World continually searches for new ways to keep costs down for its schools. An example of this is partnering with Studica to manage the costs of the equipment, supplies, and other consumables. Studica has over 30 years of providing the best technology for education with academic savings, keeping the costs down and simplifying the order process for a one-stop shop for all materials needed. Learn how your school can participate in the Engineer Your World program.

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