Inspire with Engineer Your World for High Schools

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Inspire with Engineer Your World Engineering Curriculum Program for High Schools

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Engineer Your World High School CurriculumCreated by the UTeachEngineering project at The University of Texas at Austin, Engineer Your World is a unique, project-based high school engineering curriculum. Students learn what engineering is, what engineers do, and the role engineering has in shaping the world around us. Students get an authentic look at how engineering works, both in higher education and the real world. Accessible and relevant projects showcase core engineering concepts.

Students of all backgrounds, abilities, and interests will benefit from this unique learning experience. Why should you implement Engineer Your World at your school? That’s easy, for the future. Empower your students to become resilient problem-solvers. The engineering skills they develop will be applicable to their pursuit of an engineering future or any path they pursue. Provide them with problem-solving tools that can be used to help solve any problem they face.

Teaching Engineer Your World

Who Should Teach Engineer Your World?Teachers who participate in the Engineer Your World program come from a variety of STEM and teaching backgrounds. Even with diverse teaching backgrounds, there are many common characteristics among the most successful Engineer Your World educators, such as belief in a constructivist approach to education, understanding the value of productive failure, and strong classroom management skills, to name just a few. Educators receive excellent support beginning with a two-week professional development session. On-going support continues after the training to assist educators back in their classrooms. The robust, real-world content combined with the excellent support for teachers are the key differentiators of this program.

Affordable Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Socially relevant design challenges are used throughout this program to develop and hone engineering skills. Engineer Your World focuses on conceptual engineering processes that will help students with problem-solving throughout their lives. An extremely efficient program, Engineer Your World covers a breadth of engineering processes, skills, and fields and professions in a single year. Affordability is as important as the goal to reach as many students as possible. Engineer Your World continually strives to keep costs down for its schools. One example of this is partnering with Studica, Inc. to keep the costs of the equipment, supplies, and other consumables down for its participating schools. Learn more about enrolling in the Engineer Your World program.

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