Education Tools for Exploring Key STEM Concepts

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Education Tools for Exploring Key STEM Concepts

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STEM EducationIf you are looking to inspire your students to learn and master STEM related concepts, you know this isn’t an easy task. Studica and fischertechnik offer a variety of classroom solutions that can help. You may have read about our curriculum programs for elementary STEM education. But, what about your older and more advanced students? How do you reach middle and high school students?

fischertechnik Education continues its STEM series for students who have more experience with science, technology, engineering and math with a combination of project-based learning and standards-based curricula. Depending on your subject matter, you can choose between the STEM PREP and STEM Engineering sets. Both sets address the most current academic standards by noted education expert, Tom White, to align with recognized standards. This article highlights the STEM PREP program.

Project-Based Learning Supports Education

Project-Based Learning Supports STEM Education

Project-Based Learning with fischertechnik Supports STEM Education

In working with students that already understand basic STEM concepts and the basic principles of robotics and technology, you need to step up your game. This is where project-based learning truly amplifies the success of STEM education. By working through the processes of inquiry, design, and problem solving; students strengthen their understanding of the concepts presented.

The STEM PREP set offers a hands-on environment for lessons focused on robotics, physics, energy, and power. Students explore key aspects of technology through activities that include cross-curricular material. You can cover over 75 academic hours with this set and its curriculum.

STEM PREP Project Topics

Sketching and Documentation Project

Sketching and Documentation Project

Teach the following topics as your students follow along with activities designed to support your lesson:

  1. Sketching & Documentation
  2. Mechanical Systems
  3. Simple Machines
  4. Electronics
  5. Structures
  6. Energy Conversion & Storage
  7. Digital Communications
  8. Optics
  9. Programming Control Systems

Interested in learning more? Request a sample of the fischertechnik STEM PREP curriculum.

Check out this video of a Bike Brake Project video to see how the STEM PREP curriculum can be used in your classroom!

Teaching with fischertechnik

STEM education is important to everyone. Help your students master important science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts with fischertechnik. fischertechnik offers academic solutions for elementaryintermediate and advanced. fischertechnik is used for K-12, for colleges and universities, even for industrial training and simulation. Provide your students with these powerful programs that allow them access to important concepts that opens doors for their futures. Contact Studica today to learn moreRegister for upcoming webinars for educators.



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