Taking a Closer Look at EYW Engineering Courses

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Taking a Closer Look at EYW Engineering Courses

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We’ve discussed the innovative, high school engineering curriculum that the Engineer Your World program provides. You’ve seen how this standards-based program inspires students. Now, let’s take a closer look at the courses offered in this easily accessible, high quality, and affordable program.

EYW I: Engineering Design & Analysis 

EYW I: Engineering Design & Analysis EYW I: Engineering Design & AnalysisThe first course in the program immerses students in authentic engineering practices. This class is designed to help the students embrace an engineer’s mindset. Student-directed projects that encourage collaboration are used to create resilient problem-solving skills. Students are empowered to think like engineers, adopt engineering processes, and to pursue engineering disciplines.

During this course, students will experience the following:

  • Thinking like an Engineer: Students discover how engineers design. They use the design process to create solutions for people with disabilities. Then, they take the process of reverse engineering to figure out how the product was designed and then decide how they could improve upon it.
  • Making data-driven decisions: Students learn how to collect, represent, and analyze data. They also are presented with the challenges and opportunities of this process as they learn how to prove their design decisions based on the data. With this knowledge, they are tasked with redesigning a building to support human safety in an earthquake prone region of the world.
  • Programming and system design: After students understand and make data-driven conclusions, they are tasked with designing more complex solutions. With basic coding skills, they participate in a systems engineering capstone challenge.

EYW II: Engineering Applications of Computer Science

EYW II: Engineering Applications of Computer ScienceThis course builds upon the knowledge students acquire in the EYW I course. It combines project-based, socially relevant design challenges to provide an introduction to key computing principles. As in EYW I, students are tasked with using the design processes, skills, and habits of mind they have developed to solve more complex challenges. The challenges require the use of programming, computing, algorithmic thinking, data representation and analysis, and modeling skills.

Key Topics of EYW II:

  • Algorithms & Programming
  • Data & Information
  • Abstraction

Learn More About Engineer Your World

If you are interested in learning more about bringing this powerful program to your high school, we encourage you to visit the Engineer Your World website for more information. Because they understand that every penny of your budget counts, this organization continually strives to keep costs down for its schools. They do this by partnering with companies like Studica, Inc. who help them keep the costs of the supplies, equipment, and other consumables down for its participating schools.

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