fischertechnik Celebrates 50th Anniversary


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Unbenannt-2fischertechnik  celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, on Sunday, July 26, 2015. The company hosted a FANCLUB day at fischertechnik headquarters in Waldachtal, Germany. Here, people from all over the world could enter their own designs for display and view the many exhibits of fischertechnik systems released over the years.

These incredibly innovative systems were invented by Professor Artur Fischer, and made their first appearance on a German television station in the winter of 1965. Believe it or not, fischertechnik was first marketed as a Christmas present for children. Fast forward 50 years and you will find these fischertechnik products all over the world – in secondary schools, universities and even businesses. fischertechnik construction sets have evolved to become leading tools in teaching engineering, robotics, architecture and many more STEM-related concepts.

fischertechnik Education offers a range of products to help teachers connect students with STEM practices in a hands-on environment. Recently, the company was even featured in Robot Magazine in an article “Why Fischertechnik: 50 Years and Going Strong,” which highlighted the company’s 50 years of experience and continued dedication to classroom solutions.

The Lasting Power of fischertechnik

Building with FischertechnikStudica is proud to work so closely with fischertechnik and fischertechnik Education. This building system has truly lasted the test of time and it continues to grow and evolve with technology. Seems only fitting that the latest sets released from fischertechnik Education are geared towards the very demographic they were marketed towards in the beginning – young children!

fischertechnik Education’s Introduction to STEM I & II sets are designed to make STEM engaging and fun. Like many of the more advanced sets available, these solutions incorporate real-world technology with designs for working models. Elementary students can experiment and build these sets themselves to establish a grounded comprehension of the concepts being taught.

One of the aspects that help fischertechnik remain relevant in so many classrooms, especially in elementary schools, is its ability to support both students and educators. Teachers looking to add STEM education to their curriculum may or may not have skills in science and technology. fischertechnik Education offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions and relevant STEM curriculum topics. The Introduction to STEM sets actually include a full classroom integration package, which offers project ideas, worksheets, answer keys, rubrics and more. As you progress to more advanced sets, fischertechnik provides more general documentation, which allows you to seamlessly integrate projects into your existing curriculum.

fischertechnik Education: In and Out of Classroom

fischertechnik Education Classroomfischertechnik construction sets are fun and engaging on so many levels. These products provide students with a solid foundation in engineering and other cross-curricular subjects – such as science, math, reading, writing, design, technology and many more. And the best thing about it is that the learning doesn’t end when school is out.

fischertechnik offers two separate catalogues; one for education and one for hobbyists. Both of these lines cover all ages from elementary school to college and beyond. Specific models cover topics that teach mechanics, green technologies, electronics, optics, physics, drive systems and much more. Did we mention that some of the fischertechnik Training and Industrial Simulation models are used in industrial training programs and corporate simulations of active production lines? The fischertechnik sets students start out with can actually grow into relevant industry experience as they get older and pursue higher education and future career opportunities.

Get Started with fischertechnik Today

The first step in discovering how anything works is trying it out. Well, for a limited time you can do just that! fischertechnik is offering a sample model from its Introduction to STEM I set, free of charge. This model is just one of forty models included in the set, and you can use it to teach young students about how gears work. Or, simply utilize it as an introduction to the fischertechnik system.

With 50 years of experience, fischertechnik continues to grow and expand with new technology and even more innovative building systems. Check out some of our favorite classroom bundles. Make sure to download the entire curriculum for fischertechnik Education’s Introduction to STEM I set, and take a look at how fischertechnik can make a lasting impact in and out of your classroom. STEM success starts with a solid foundation in STEM concepts, but lasting success is built on confidence in the practical application of these principles. fischertechnik sets itself apart from other building systems by offering students a system with which they can learn, discover and create.




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