Discover fischertechnik for Industrial Simulation and Training

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Discover fischertechnik for Industrial Training and Simulation

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As a provider of technology solutions for education, Studica is a big fan of fischertechnik and fischertechnik Education. Primarily, we focus on robotics and popular educational toys such as the Mechanic and Static 2 construction set or the Pneumatic Power kit. We also feature their complete STEM education solutions with curriculum for elementary students. More advanced project-based learning programs, STEM PREP and STEM Engineering, are available at We’ve shared these great solutions at educational shows like TCEA, FETC, ISTA, and NSTA and promoted them on our blog. Yet, there is an area we still need to share with you.  Industrial training and simulation are other key areas where fischertechnik excels for high schools, higher education, and industry.

fischertechnik for Training and Simulation

fischertechnik Factory Simulation setWidely used for realistic representation and simulation of complex systems, fischertechnik is a favorite in industry for vocational training. These training and simulation models are used worldwide for training, development, and presentations. They offer an affordable and proven method to plan and develop industrial applications.

Learn How an Automated Industrial Cycle Functions

Simulation is important in industry to make smart decisions, save money, and reduce errors. fischertechnik Factory Simulation demonstrates how models work together to create an automated material cycle. Learn industrial skills from mechanics to programming. This simulation set demonstrates how automation helps the manufacturing process to maintain safety and efficiency.

fischertechnik Sorting Line with Color Detectionfischertechnik Sorting Line with Color DetectionIf you are interested in knowing more or explaining how the automated industrial cycle functions, the factory simulation set is ideal. It includes a variety of models such as a sorting line with color detection, a multi-processing station with an oven, a vacuum gripper robot, and an automated high bay warehouse. This allows you to complete your own material cycle.fischertechnik Vacuum Gripper Robot

Begin by gathering
workpieces from your automated high-bay warehouse utilizing the vacuum gripper robot. Move them along for processing in the multi-processing station with an oven that allows you to construct a furnace with a pneumatic sliding door. Then, sort by color using the sorting line with color detection model. Finally, send the completed items back to the warehouse. Watch the short video below to learn more.

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