GrovePi+ Connects Your Raspberry Pi to the Real World

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Seeed Studio is a maker’s paradise. This company specializes in creating innovative, open hardware platforms for makers to grow their ideas and create all new technology. The best thing about Seeed is its ability to work with leading technology providers of all scales to provide access to multiple platforms – like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Maker Pro and more. Take for instance the GrovePi+, an open source system for connecting Grove Sensors to the Raspberry Pi.

Combining these technologies allows you to create your Internet of Things (IoT) devices and inventions without any soldering. From establishing inventive new ways of computing to teaching kids to code, Raspberry Pi is making a huge difference in the computing world. Add the ability to easily integrate sensors that will allow it to interact and monitor the physical world around you and the possibilities are endless!

GrovePi’s Open Source Design

The GrovePi+ board goes over the Raspberry Pi and allows you to connect Grove sensors directly to the board. Upload your program, and begin taking in data from the real world. It’s really that simple.

The GrovePi+ board is compatible with the Raspberry Pi models: A/A+, B/B+ and 2. Getting started is extremely easy with the help of Seeed’s online community that provides a “Getting Started with GrovePi Guide”, open forums to address your questions, and project ideas to get you familiar with the system. In partnership with the developers of GrovePi+, Dexter Industries, Seeed offers you everything you need to stay connected.

GrovePi Diagram

Programming the GrovePi+

programming with grovepiThe GrovePi+ can be programmed on the Raspberry Pi with several different open source programming languages, ranging from different levels of expertise – Python, C, C#, Go and NodeJS. It also uses an Arduino interface between the Raspberry Pi and Grove sensors, and is equipped with standard firmware. Note, the firmware can be rewritten if need be from the Raspberry Pi.

Interested in hacking the system open or making your own from scratch? No problem. With access to full hardware and software designs, you can redesign and duplicate all you want. Files are available.

Three Ways GrovePi+ Enhance Maker Projects

1. GrovePi is built on the Raspberry Pi.
Allowing you to monitor, control and automate devices in your life and your own inventions

2. Plug-n-play functionality with Grove sensors
Focus on programming instead of soldering, GrovePi+ offers compatibility with over 100 different Grove sensors

3. Connect to the Internet of Things (IoT)
Connect your technology to IoT to help control and monitor data, while integrating the physical world with Raspberry Pi.

Makers In and Out of the Classroom

The GrovePi+ has everything you need to build your own smart device, which is incredibly attractive to makers everywhere. However, it also offers a unique ability to reach new makers, just starting out in classrooms and at home. GrovePi+ is great for teaching students how programming affects the real world, without getting too caught up in the complexities of electronic systems. It is a computing platform made easy without sacrificing capability.

Make sure you check out the wide range of Grove sensors we have available to get your GrovePi+ working. And, feel free to contact us for pricing on GrovePi+ and Raspberry Pi sets for your classroom.

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