Help for Installing IBM SPSS Statistics 24 on a Mac

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elp for Installing IBM SPSS Statistics on a Mac

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Recently, I have had a few customers contact me saying that IBM SPSS Statistics 24 will not install on their computer. (Here at Studica, we provide faculty and student discounts on IBM SPSS academic products.) Generally, what users experience is that they can download the installer perfectly fine, but when they attempt to run it, their computer does absolutely nothing. No prompts come up, no installation windows, nothing. I have only seen this issue occur on Mac OS X systems. In this post, I’ll talk about the reasons why this happens and how to fix the issue.  The IBM SPSS Student Support Portal is also available for your Statistics questions.

Why Won’t IBM SPSS Statistics 24 Install on my Mac?

On OS X, users will contact me and say that they downloaded the installer and opened it up. A prompt shows up asking to input their username and password. They put in their credentials and press OK and then their computer sits there and nothing else happens. Every time I have seen this issue, it has been resolved by simply updating OS X to a newer version. Why? Usually, the user has an older version of OS X, such as 10.9.X, which is not compatible with SPSS Statistics 24. It might have worked for version 23, but 24 does not install on 10.9. I recommend the user go to the top-left of their computer, click on the Apple icon and choose “About this Mac” to see what version of OS X they have. If you want to verify that your version of OS X is compatible with the version of SPSS Statistics that you have, then refer to IBM’s OS X System Requirements page.

OS X Compatibility with IBM SPSS Statistics:

Here’s the general breakdown of which system is compatible with which version of IBM SPSS Statistics:

System: Compatible with:
OS X 10.6.X
OS X 10.7.X
Statistics 20
Statistics 21
OS X 10.8.X: Statistics 20
Statistics 21
Statistics 22
OS X 10.9.X Statistics 22
Statistics 23
OS X 10.10.X Statistics 22
(requires fix pack 2 installation)
Statistics 23
Statistics 24
OS X 10.11.X Statistics 23
Statistics 24
OS X 10.12.X Statistics 24

If you are having the issue outlined above, then double-check your version of OS X and make sure it is compatible with your version of Statistics. If it is not compatible, then your best solution is to update your OS X system to something newer. If you purchase from Studica, make sure your machine can run version 24 because we no longer sell version 23.

How to Install a Fix

If you are sure that your OS X is compatible with the version of your product, then you might need to install a fix pack for your product. You can find fix packs for your product using this site. Choose the “Downloads(Fixes & PTFs)” link on that page and select your product from the drop down list and your operating system.

IBM SPSS Statistics Downloads and Fixes


When you hit “Continue”, you’ll be given a list of fix packs for the product. You can select the ones you want to download and click “Continue”.

IBM SPSS Statistics Select Fixes

You must sign into your IBM account to download the pack. If you don’t have an IBM account, you can create one. Once the pack is downloaded, you simply install it and it should resolve the installation issue. It’s worth noting that newer fix packs contain everything from the older fix packs. If you download a Fix Pack 2 for a product, then it will also contain everything from Fix Pack 1. This means that you don’t have to download multiple Fix Packs. Simply download the newest one.


This is a relatively common error that users run into. In general, the best way to fix it is to verify that your OS is compatible with the version of your product. If it isn’t, then update your OS. If it is, then try downloading and installing a Fix Pack for your product. In general, it’s recommended to stay up-to-date with fix packs because they often resolve a number of other bugs and issues that users sometimes run into.

Blogger: Mark Philipp, Application Engineer at Studica

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