Lumion 6 Release Transforms Architectural Visualization

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Lumion 6 Release FeaturesLumion is the best way to communicate architecture and engage people with your designs. This program is used by 51 of the top 100 architecture companies to create professional presentations. The latest release, Lumion 6, offers users the best in visualization features and hundreds of improvements to its existing render engine. Materials, reflections, shadows, lighting and more have all been taken to a new level in Lumion 6 and Lumion 6 Pro.

With its simple workflow and ease of use, you can start bringing an edge to your designs in a matter of minutes!

New Technologies Lead to New Ideas

The most notable changes to Lumion 6 are the inclusion of so many new features, such as PureGlass, Speedray Reflections, Hyperlight 2 and OmniShadow. These features focus on the subtlety of your designs and emphasizes the larger impact that it has on your overall scene. Making elements like surface texture, reflection, light variations and shadow depth a priority brings realism to your visualization that can make your vision a reality and sell your idea. Check out why Lumion has developed these incredible new technologies, and how it can change the way you design!


Accurate shadow rendering is essential to presenting a realistic design. Important visual cues and structural forms are dependent on shadowing. OmniShadow technology enhances small details and renders models more solid and effective.

Lumion 6 OmniShadow
Hyperlight 2
Subtle light variations can be the difference between a natural looking visualization and an artificial one. The colors of materials rely heavily on the way light bounces between surfaces. The new Hyperlight 2 calculates the light on surfaces with detailed accuracy.

Speedray Reflections
Materials are brought to life with realistic reflections. Speedray™ Reflections renders reflections with high efficiency to achieve a believable look to glass, water, marble, wood and metal surfaces. Now you can massively improve your image quality.

Glass is commonly used in architecture and design visualizations. PureGlass technology offers you a selection of transparent, translucent and frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever.

Learn more about these and other groundbreaking Lumion features.

Lumion Extends MyLumion Beta Project

myLumion Beta ProjectMyLumion was initially introduced with Lumion 5.7 in beta status – meaning MyLumion is still under development. With the release of Lumion 6, the company has extended the beta project until May 2016.

Why should we all care? Well, if you’ve been following our blog you recall that MyLumion creates a platform where you can build, share and store your designs online. It works with most phones, tablets and desktop computers with support for nearly every web browser available. Try the newest cloud-based application for free until the end of the beta project. Please note that some guidelines apply, check out for more information.

Lumion 6 Pro Educational Edition Offers Huge Savings

It is accessible, it offers the best in architectural visualizations and now it is more affordable than ever – especially for academic institutions. Academic institutions can receive a discount of up to 90% on Lumion 6 software. Students and educators can use the same software as professional architectural firms for a fraction of the cost.

Keeping architecture students on the same page and learning relevant CAD design concepts can be a challenge when they aren’t all using the same program. With so many CAD software options, it can take a toll on class and lecture time. Lumion 6 is definitely a solution to these kinds of issues. Its improved interoperability means it can integrate with most leading, third-party CAD programs – including SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, Vectorworks, Rhino, Archicad and more!

Take a look at the complete list of Lumion 6 features and review purchasing options by visiting our site today.

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