Feel Your Designs with Lumion 7 Visualization Software

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Feel Your Designs with Lumion 7 Visualization Software

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We’ve discussed Lumion, the real-time, 3D architectural visualization tool, for architects, interior designers, and other creative professionals before in this blog. So you may already know that it allows you to easily utilize CAD technology to create stunning architectural visualizations in minutes to impress clients. Simply import your large polygon models and bring them to life in a virtual walk-through. It’s that easy. So what does the new version, Lumion 7, really offer? Lumion 7 gives you the opportunity to showcase your work in a way that allows people to actually feel the space you’ve designed.

What’s New with Lumion 7?

Lumion 7 Weathering ExampleHow Lumion 7 allows you to create realistic visualizations is pretty amazing. Where before designs could be viewed as a bit cold, sterile and computer generated. Now, you can make your designs feel real. People can understand better the realistic living spaces you’ve created. Your designs will  be transformed, engaging your audience to tell your story. Add ivy climbing up the walls. Create transparency on objects. Weather furniture without having to paint it all in by hand. Easily add foliage. Show sunlight streaming in the window. Put your building on the map. Create enthralling visualizations for your designs.

Features of Lumion 7

Listing all of these new features really doesn’t do them justice. I encourage you to watch the video above to really get a feel for the changes. That said, here is a short listing of the key new features:

  • Improved Lighting
  • Weathering
  • Transparency
  • Create Foliage
  • OpenStreetMap
  • More myLumion Functionality for Sharing Online
  • Publish Directly to YouTube

Plus, there are new trees & plants, indoor models, outdoor models, character animations vehicles and more.

Create Visualizations that Win Business

Lumion 7 Villa Demo for FoliageLumion is the ultimate solution to help you create architectural visualizations without any required training in specialized software. Don’t stress over complex CAD software, or the need to piece together models for your next presentation. Lumion takes care of everything from design conception to final presentation. Win business and new clients with the best in architectural design software. Learn more about the latest features Lumion offers and review purchasing options, visit studica.com/Lumion.

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