Lumion 5.7 Release Introduces MyLumion

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Lumion software is used by more than half of the world’s top 100 architectural firms. This real-time program can render even the most complex architectural videos in a matter of minutes. The recent release of Lumion 5.7 has introduced new functionality to Lumion’s game-changing feature set. MyLumion now allows you to view your designs on phones, tablets and computers. Share your projects with anyone in the world on any device. This new feature allows you to go beyond tradition visualization with interactive rendering that is both reliable and portable.

How MyLumion Works

MyLumion works on phones, tablets and desktop computers with support for nearly every web browser available. Your designs start with Lumion 5.7 and can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

  1. Set the Scene
    Import your model from a CAD package like Revit or Sketchup, or simply upload an existing Lumion design.
  2. Create Viewpoints
    Enter MyLumion mode and define several viewpoints for your scene. This allows clients or colleagues to view the model from different angles.
  3. Render a 360° Panorama
    With viewpoints in place, render your model in MyLumion and watch as Lumion quickly renders your images to create 360° panoramas.
  4. Automatic Upload to the Cloud
    Once complete, your design is automatically uploaded to the cloud-based server. Lumion will then present you with a button to view your end-result in your browser. Forward a link to other people and allow them to look around the scene that you just rendered. Get feedback, collaborate, and maybe show off just a little bit.

MyLumion is still in development. Users are encouraged to use the available beta version to help develop final functionality and test current features. Please note this also comes with some guidelines.


Lumion 5.7 includes Additional Modes

The new Lumion release also introduces two new modes for rendering. Movie mode allows you to control the object animation from within your video. Build mode displays the amount of graphics card memory in use and the amount of memory available. Both of these modes, combined with the power of MyLumion, are guaranteed to make your rendering faster, easier and higher in quality.

Lumion 5.7 Educational and Professional Licensing

Good news for those that purchased Lumion 5 earlier this year! You can download Lumion 5.7 for free. But, not to worry for those interested in investing in this industry leading software. Lumion offers incredible pricing on educational and professional licensing. Schools and universities can boost their engineering and architectural courses with Lumion, and savings of almost 90 percent! Professionals and students can also select from Lumion and Lumion PRO. Check out our comparison chart to discover which one is right for you.

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