Makeblock: Open-source Maker Sets for the 21st Century

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Makeblock: Open-source Maker Sets for the 21st Century

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Makeblock Maker SetsOften referred to as “Lego for adults”, Makeblock engages a builder’s fondness for construction sets with the application of technology. These sets are actually great for makers of all ages, because they are so easily and quickly put together.

Like Lego, many Makeblock sets use a construction process that allows each piece to slot together without the need for nuts or bolts. The easy-to-use, versatile building system is great for beginner and experienced makers alike. “We’ve done some work to make the electronics and software more friendly to beginners,” stated Makeblock founder, Jasen Wang. “We use uniform modular connectors with color tags to help you make the right connections, and we plan to have a smartphone app to let beginners interact with their robots without any programming.”

Makeblock Sets for the Classroom and Beyond

Makeblock offers a range of maker setsMakeblock mBot for classrooms, laboratories and at home. From kits to a collection of robotic components, these sets offer multiple uses in a variety of environments. Building a design is one thing, but Makeblock encourages all its makers to create their own electronics and/or robotics. Check out some of our favorite sets below.

The mBot is a great introduction to the Makeblock building system. It is an all-in-one solution for teaching young builders about programming, electronics and robotics. This set is all about fun and creativity! (Learn more)

Ultimate Robot Kit
This is a versatile robot kit with up to 10 different designs available for different applications. It includes everything you need to complete the robot of your choice, including an Arduino-compatible controller, various sensors and many mechanical components. (Learn more)

Lab Robot Kit
The Lab Robot Kit is an ideal set for makers that are interested in creating multiple projects, or are looking for a kit that includes a variety of components. It is also great for educators in need of versatile robotic components for their classrooms. (Learn more)

Inventor Electronic Kit
The Inventor Electronic Kit is a modular electronic platform, developed for quick prototyping. This kit includes twelve sensors and actuators, each with a color-coded connector to help simply wiring. It is ideal for adding functionality to your existing robotic designs. (Learn more)

MakerSpace Kit
The MakerSpace Kit is a series of engineering building blocks developed for Maker Education – perfect for classroom settings. This kit contains eleven assembly components from six broad categories (robotics, engineering, mechatronics, etc). (Learn more)

Open-source Leads to Creative Possibilities

Open-source Leads to Creative PossibilitiesThrough working closely with the “smart” community, including Arduino and Scratch programming, makers are able to expand their projects. The creative possibilities are infinite and have the additional technical support of the open-source community.

Makeblock sets are developed around the understanding that play is learning. Play offers students of all ages a safe environment that encourages trial and error. It allows makers to experiment with technology in a non-intimidating way. These sets will help beginners gain a greater understanding of how things work and inspire confidence in their ability to solve complex challenges.

Makeblock is different from other construction sets, like Lego, in that it is able to add more durable and practical applications to your designs. These sets go beyond being just a toy. With Makeblock, you can program your DIY robotic designs to interact with the physical world.

Learn more by visiting our Makeblock store, or feel free to contact us to find your perfect solution.

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