Institut Palau Ausit Wins Mobile Robotics Competition

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Institut Palau Ausit Wins Mobile Robotics Competition

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Catskills Competition WinnersFor the first time ever, the Mobile Robotics Championship Catskills took place in Catalonia, Spain. This event took place in mid-October and we congratulate, one of Studica‘s Customers, Institut Palau Ausit on their success. Two of their students involved in the formative cycle of Higher Degree of Automation and Industrial Robotics won the gold medal at the Catskills 2018 Competition. Institut Palau Ausit purchased the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection from Studica to plan, prepare, and compete in this event.

The Catskills Mobile Robotics Competition

In preparing and competing at this event, all participants were required to use only the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2019 that is exclusively available at Studica. This kit was chosen because it is the official kit for this WorldSkills Mobile Robotics competition around the world. It also provides a wide variety of possibilities both mechanical and electrical. This kit offers many possibilities for configurations due to a large offering of components and devices. It proved an excellent training kit for core mobile robotics concepts.

Mobile Robotics Championship Categories:

This event consisted of four main task categories for competitors to complete.

  1. Catskills Mobile Robotics CompetitionInspection and presentation – Judges confirmed that everyone was using the official kit of the competition. Teams then presented their project that needed to incorporate a robot with sensors and actuators.
  2. Manual remote control – For this part of the competition, participants had to run their robots through a maze using a remote control. They were allowed to use a joystick or the National Instruments data dashboard application.
  3. Line tracker robot  – Next competitors had to prepare their robots to tour a maze following a line. They also need to control the number of loops they made for a line circuit in a given amount of time.
  4. Autonomous control – Finally, they had to prepare their robot to take a completely autonomous route with the goal of collecting and storing pieces in the shortest amount of time.

WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2019

WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2019The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2019 by Studica is the authorized collection for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. Teams can use this package for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition in Kazan in 2019.

Based on feedback from previous competitions and WorldSkills Mobile Robotics experts, the 2019 edition has been modified to better reflect the needs of the competition.

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