National Instruments Announces Multisim 14.0

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Multisim is the cornerstone of the National Instruments (NI) circuits teaching solution. For years, this program has helped build student expertise in designing, prototyping, and testing electrical circuits. The recent release of Multisim 14.0 offers even more features to enhance the user’s experience. Quicker access to simulation results and improved interactive simulation is only the beginning.

New Features in NI Multisim 14.0

multisim 14 releaseMultisim 14.0 enhances NI’s already powerful simulation technology with the ability to analyze analog, digital, and power electronics across education, research, and design. New functionality includes all-new parameter analysis, integration with new embedded targets, and user-definable templates with simplified design.

What does this mean for your classroom? Check out what these new features can do.

  • Active analysis mode allows you to access simulation results and run analyses faster than ever.
  • Simulate circuits anytime, anywhere with iPad support.
  • Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board support helps you learn digital logic.
  • Visualize simulation results with new probes for voltage, current and power.
  • Users can export to Gerber and printed circuit board (PCB) fabrications files to complete projects.

These are just some of the major improvements. The latest Multisim hosts more than 6,000 new components for design.
Explore NI Multisim 14.0 in detail.

NI Multisim Offers an Academic Advantage

Multisim is used with low-cost student hardware to reinforce design concepts and help with advanced projects. Integration with NI myDAQ data acquisition or NI myRIO helps you complete assignments and develop sophisticated analog and digital systems for application in robotics or other electronics.

Complete these tasks faster, better and easier with an entire circuit design created with the same circuit simulation tools used in industry settings. Only Multisim provides you with a complete set of tools to learn electronic topics from introductory courses to graduation. Take advantage of your academic standing and get NI Multisim 14 at prices you can afford.




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