New Hardware and Cloud Collaboration for Avid Pro Tools

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New Hardware and Cloud Collaboration for Avid Pro Tools

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Pro Tools Hardware and CollaborationAvid is rolling out new hardware and cloud services for Pro Tools users. Now you can turn up the volume on your audio on-the-go, or in the studio! These experts in sound have you covered with incredible new storage devices, like Nexis and the portable control surface, Pro Tools Dock. Imagine being able to work on your audio project with anyone, anywhere – no matter where they are in the world!

As always, Avid strives to support the next generation of audio and media professionals. That’s why all of the latest Avid Pro Tools solutions are available with academic pricing for institutions. Allow your students to learn using industry-standard technology.

Avid Cloud Collaboration

There’s a lot of new innovation regarding Pro Tools software, so let’s start there. Most notably, Avid recently added Avid Cloud Collaboration to its powerhouse audio platform – Pro Tools. This transforms the industry’s leading music creation and audio production tool into a solution that connects users to a premier network of artists, musicians, producers, engineers, mixers and many more audio professionals.

This is also a great tool for classrooms, allowing students to easily create, share and collaborate on their pieces. As an educator, it’s easier to access student work and address any errors in real time. There’s no need to struggle with file swapping, importing or management concerns. Avid Cloud Collaboration allows you to share audio, MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, and more – all within the Pro Tools program.

3 Fav Features of Avid Cloud

  1. Speed – Make create and revise tracks in real-time without sacrificing audio quality
  2. Project Access – Work on the same project at the same time, or create offline and post updates. Users can access projects anytime, from anywhere!
  3. Collaboration Tools – Communicate your ideas via built-in text chat. Share and collaborate within the Pro Tools platform (no secondary application required).

 Avid Pro Tools | Get a Closer Look

Avid Nexis

Avid NexisAvid Nexis is the world’s first software-defined storage platform. What does that mean? This storage system was built for Avid Pro Tools. With that in mind, it also provides true storage virtualization for any media application. This powerful system was developed to support Avid MediaCentral Platform applications. Avid MediaCentral is built into the framework of many Avid products, including Pro Tools.

When combining the flexible experience of Avid MediaCentral with the security of the Nexis storage system, users can experience a unified experience for fast, collaborative media production. Avid Nexis accelerates online and nearline production by giving teams easy, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable storage resources.

3 Fav Features of Avid Nexis

  1. Easy to Use – Included web interface and comprehensive APIs that give you unprecedented visibility and control. Avid Nexis enables you to reconfigure and reallocate resources on demand.
  2. Performance – Delivers unrivaled performance, enabling you to flexibly provision storage capacity and bandwidth to create virtual workspaces that are optimized for any workflow.
  3. Unite Assets – Nexis FX integrates all Nexis storage engines together as one virtual pool of storage, making access and management of media across multiple channels quick and efficient.

Pro Tools | Dock

Pro Tools DockThe Pro Tools Dock is one of our favorite new hardware solutions from Avid. Its mini footprint and massive control features allow you to transform your iPad into a powerful audio control board. Based on the advanced touchscreen workflow of the award-winning Pro Tools S6 and the hybrid command of Avid’s Artist Control, the Pro Tool Dock provides users intelligent studio control over their audio projects. Get the quick touchscreen access and tactile precision you need to navigate and manage your work, using your favorite DAWs.

With the combination of touchscreen, fader, knob, and switch control, you gain incredible navigation speed and tactile precision. Create better sounding mixes faster. Organize custom macros to perform complex tasks instantly. And mix with your ears, using ergonomic controls at your fingertips.

Please note the dock only works with an iPad, sold separately.

3 Fav Features of Pro Tools | Dock

  1. The Value – This system offers users intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic package, without the high price tag!
  2. Touchscreen Control – Easily connect with your own iPad and Avid’s free Pro Tools | Control iOS app, providing touchscreen control of your audio and video projects.
  3. Automation – With 12 dedicated automation switches, you can toggle modes and write automation directly from the surface.

Pro Tools | Academic Advantage

Get the latest Pro Tools solutions at academic prices! Support your students with the industry-standard software they need to prepare them for a successful career in audio production. Students and teachers can purchase Avid Pro Tools 12 software up to 67% off with proof of their academic status.

Check out more from Avid by visiting our Avid Education Store.

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