New Ways to Get Students to Enjoy Mathematics!

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Wanted to give some attention to Sumdog: Crocodile Clips Free Math and Numeracy Website. Crocodile Clips has launched their new website featuring math based games designed for learning mathematics in an enjoyable way.  Students from around the globe are signing up to compete against each other and against other schools in these fun and challenging games.

Teachers are also free to log in and can build virtual classrooms for their students, assign activities and create challenges.  Teachers can also track students activities and participation while designing special challenges based on student skills and attainment levels.

Sumdog also goes beyond the free gaming website to offer teachers the ability to track student progress through levels, analyse the student’s strongest and most challenging topics, assign challenges and competitions based upon student improvement needs, and assign homework to match student needs more accurately on a student by student basis with their Sumdog Subscription Membership.

In addition to Sumdog, Crocodile Clips has a full spectrum of Science and Math based learning tools for teachers and students.  With their unsurpassed licensing options, Yenka and Absorb are very accessible for teachers.

Imagine your students conducting complex chemical reaction experiments without using any real chemicals.  Students can investigate force and motion without leaving the classroom.  Study projectiles, gravity and motion in an easy to use format with student lead experiments.

Yenka from Crocodile Clips is a fun and exploratory tool.  Student learning can be put in the hands of the students with full imaginative freedom to experiment and find out the answers for themselves.  “What happens if” questions now have an answer with a software that is also free to use at home.

If you would like to learn more about how Crocodile Clips, Yenka, and Sumdog can be used in your classroom please contact us at Studica. In the meantime, login to Sumdog and begin learning!

Author: Matthew Colbeck

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