Do More with your NI myDAQ Data Acquisition Device

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Do More with your NI myDAQ Data Acquitision Device

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The NI myDAQ is a data acquisition device designed for students. As a tool for introducing engineering concepts and problem-solving, it allows hands-on experimentation. As it is a portable device, it allows for analyzing and measuring live signals in the classroom or wherever you may be. The myDAQ combines easy-to-use software-defined instruments and hardware that you can use as a function generator, digital multimeter, oscilloscope, and much more. Pairing myDAQ with LabVIEW and Multisim expands its ability to create prototype systems and more. For instance, did you know you can create a graphic equalizer using LabVIEW with your data acquisition device?

Do More with NI myDAQ

NI myDAQ for StudentsNational Instruments myDAQ is a clearly a powerful tool in its own right. However, combining it with different programs and accessories expands its capabilities even further.  There are so many possibilities, but specially designed accessories and miniSystems for myDAQ create even more opportunities.

Some accessories are simple and functional like a basic parts kit, myProtoBoard accessory board, and a breadboard/jumper wire kit. Others fall into the category of a miniSystem. This includes items such as the myQuake (which centers around earthquake resistance), myTemp (centers around temperature measurement), and myVTOL (focus on flight dynamics). Another miniSystem that I will discuss in more detail is the mySTEM Project Board.

What is the mySTEM Project Board?

mySTEM Do Engineering Starter Kit

mySTEM Do Engineering Starter Kit

Another system designed to work with your myDAQ is the mySTEM Project Board.  Its focus is on creating solutions to unique design problems. In essence, it is an affordable solution to create a programmable action controller. This is an excellent tool for introducing control systems. So, what can you do with mySTEM? A few ideas come to mind:

If you would like to learn more about the items discussed, please visit Studica offers a variety of National Instruments products for education. Academic discounts are available.

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