NYC SPARX: Promoting Technology for Girls with fischertechnik

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NYC SPARX: Promoting Technology for Girls with fischertechnik

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NYC SPARX Girls in STEMIt’s a pretty common stereotype that girls just aren’t into technology. However, more and more, we are starting to see high profile women take charge in traditional, male driven industries. And why not? Major tech companies like Facebook, HP, IBM, Yahoo, Intel, YouTube and more all have powerful women at the helm.

Technology and science aren’t just for men – but we knew that already, right? Then why don’t we hear more about women in these fields? Perhaps, it is because there is a lack of precedence in including young female students in STEM programs. It’s important for the future to encourage students to follow their interests and establish a safe STEM-centric environment for them to experiment in. It’s with this belief in mind that fischertechnik Education decided to donate a collection of fischertechnik Mini Bot sets to the NYC SPARX organization. NYC SPARX is an incredible, free New York City Park’s program dedicated to helping girls of all ages and abilities explore the world of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

fischertechnik Mini Bots Sparks More than Fun

NYC SPARX Girls and RoboticsThe fischertechnik Mini Bots were met with curiosity and excitement at St. Mary’s Recreation Center in Bronx, New York.  Young, female students ranging from grades 6 to 12, gathered as part of the NYC SPARX program to learn how to construct and code their own robots!

NYC SPARX Director, Laira Reid, was thrilled to incorporate the sets as an introduction to robotics and engineering.

“We wanted to use the kits to be able to give the young ladies a chance to build simple robots that worked without the discouragement that can happen when building a robot from scratch. The girls would be able to put together the robots and test out the different configurations.”

NYC SPARX STEM programThe fischertechnik Mini Bot sets were part of NYC SPARX’s Robotics Event, which was even featured on one of the local news stations, Bronx News 12. The girls worked in pairs on constructing the first robotic model detailed in the set’s step-by-step instructions. Upon wiring the first mini bot, some of the girls ran into issues. Taking a moment to troubleshoot the problem, their mini bot was soon up and running. The group plans on returning to the sets to complete some of the other mini bot designs in future meetings. The mini bots inspired students to explore STEM concepts, while also offering them a safe space to experiment and learn to fix possible errors.

Overall, the students taking part in SPARX’s fischertechnik activities were engaged and continued expressing interest in robotics. “The girls found [the models] challenging, but fun,” noted Reid, “I would definitely recommend this to schools and STEM programs!”

fischertechnik Opens STEM to Girls and Boys

fischertechnik Education sets welcome girls and boys to the world of technology. These solutions are developed to inspire the future generation of programmers, engineers, and other STEM professionals! Supporting programs, like NYC SPARX, is just one of the ways they can achieve this goal.

For those of you interested in bringing the same innovative and interactive robotic activities to your classroom or academic group, take a moment to view our fischertechnik Education Mini Bot page. Also, request a free Sample Activity Kit to learn more about the fischertechnik building system and see it in action for yourself!

View our fischertechnik Education store for a complete listing of available STEM sets.

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