News from CES 2015: IoT, 3D Printers, Connectivity & More

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CES-AnnouncementsThis year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) welcomed over 160,000 people to peruse the latest and greatest from the world’s best manufacturers, developers and suppliers in consumer technology. This conference attracts business leaders around the globe to present new technology and discuss relevant issues that surround it.

Studica representatives attended the event and were very interested in the dominant role that 3D printing and the Internet of Things (IoT) had on the exhibits. Frank Nanfara, President and CEO of Studica, made this statement in regards to the event and Studica’s role in providing future technologies:

“This year, CES showcased the Internet of Things, which is the term used to describe the growing range of products that can connect to the Internet. Everything was connected – watches, goggles, bio clothing, home appliances, televisions and even smart cars. These products are incredible, but they also present opportunities and challenges to our economy. On one hand, we are in desperate need of more programmers and on the other, students graduating with programming degrees will be able to take advantage of this void in the workforce. As a supplier of technology to the academic market, Studica offers tools to educational institutions that can help bolster programming skills and introduce the Internet of Things in their classrooms.”

XYZprinting echoed this sentiment with its introduction of four new 3D printers, which will be released later this year. All of them focus on connectivity and accessibility to the general public.

CES Announcements from XYZprinting

How awesome does a 3D food printer sound?  The creative cook should definitely be taking note of this new 3D printing technology. XYZprinting announced the release of a Food Printer that turns ingredients into uncooked food. Ingredients – or rather the filament, in 3D printing terms – can be a combination of solid items (i.e. chocolate, dough, etc.) and the end result will be cookies or decorations for cake. It should be noted that you should then bake the printed items before you consume them. But, this new technology brings creativity to your food. XYZprinting has worked with a food specialist to create recipes that can be made in with up to three different materials.

Nobel 1.0 – High Resolution SL Technology 3D Printer
The highly anticipated Nobel 1.0 3D printer was announced last year at Computex 2014. Users can look forward to XYZprinting’s first stereolithographic printing system. The SLA printer hardens liquid plastic with an ultraviolet ray layer by layer to create a solid object. The Nobel 1.0 features 5-inch color touch panel, Wi-Fi connectivity, and high resolution 3D prints. It has an improved resin-filling system that checks the resin levels automatically so that users do not need to add liquid resin constantly throughout the printing process, says the company.

Da Vinci Junior and 3D Jet: XYZprinting also unveiled the da Vinci Junior 3D printer that relies on FDM technology and the 3D Jet printer that offers high precision stacking where geometry is not restricted. This printer will be huge for the confirmation of product designs.  Make sure to stay in touch with Studica’s blog because we continue to discuss these new technologies in the upcoming months.

XYZprinting Connects to with Your Lifestyle

CES-RoboticsNot only did XYZprinting present and demo all four of its printers at this year’s CES, but it also introduced the world to several products that promote lifestyle technology. These products include XYZ Personal Robot, XYZ Robotics Platform, XYZ Bio Clothing and XYZ Green Cube.

3D printing has had a huge impact on robotics, which is why the XYZ Robotics Platform consists of all the components you need to 3D print and build your own robot. Not up for the challenge just yet? Well, the XYZ Personal Robot is a pre-assembled home assistant that you can easily program to perform simple tasks. In keeping with connectivity in technology, the release of XYZ Bio Clothing provides users with wearable technology that will automatically track their health and daily exercise. Lastly, the XYZ Green Cube is a device that is developed to allow you to easily teach and practice sustainable agriculture indoors.

Stay Tuned

Studica offers several XYZprinting 3D printers and the company’s all-in-one solution, the da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer and 3D Scanner. Keep an eye out on our blog and to learn when XYZprinting’s star products of CES 2015 will be available to you.



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