Celebrate RoboWeek 2018 with fischertechnik Education

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Celebrate RoboWeek 2018 with fischertechnik Education

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What do robot makers, battle bot enthusiasts, and programmers love about April? National Robotics Week, of course! Commonly referred to as “RoboWeek”, this weeklong series of events inspires people to get interested in the world of robotics. Established by Congress in 2010, the 9th annual RoboWeek runs April 7th-15th. Last year, there were over 300 events in all 50 states. 2018 is on pace to be even more successful. Created to get students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related fields. These events also bring attention to the importance of “robo technology” and the robotics industry in the United States. To get into the spirit of #RoboWeek, Studica and fischertechnik Education encourage you to enter the 2018 fischertechnik Robotics Giveaway.*

fischertechnik Giveaway for RoboWeek

enter to win fischertechnik Giveaway for RoboWeekDuring RoboWeek we will kick off the 2018 fischertechnik Robotics Giveaway!* The challenge is simple, create your own robot using the fischertechnik building system. Simply visit www.studica.com/FT-giveaway-2018, then complete the form, and get building! Be ready to tell us about your robot. You’ll be asked to share the name of your creation and describe its purpose. Then your robot is ready for the limelight. Share pics or video footage of your robot in action. It is a great opportunity to get started on a new robot project.

Once you’ve completed the online entry form, you will get an email with all the details. The winner will receive fischertechnik building sets and spare parts valued at $495. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States that are 18 years or older. Under 18? A parent, guardian, or teacher can submit entries on your behalf.

About fischertechnik Robotics

fischertechnik opens new doors of discovery and experimentation to students and experimenters of all ages using an innovative system of interlocking building blocks, motors, sensors, lights, computer controllers, and software. fischertechnik has been teaching students around the world about technology for over 50 years.

fischertechnik Education for Young Studentsfischertechnik Education offers a variety of robotics sets that cater to all levels. From elementary school through high school, from college and into industrial use, they have robotic sets appropriate for students, educators, parents, and professionals.

Introduce robotics and technology to younger students with the Introduction to STEM II set. This set offers hands-on activities and includes a complete standards-based curriculum. Easily construct 12 models that delve into STEM concepts such as Ohms Law, motor fundamentals, and an introduction to programming. Request the curriculum here.

Interested in mobile robotics? Ready to enter a robotics competition?
fischertechnik Education Robotics
The fischertechnik Education Robotics Competition Set is a turn-key and standards-focused solution for introducing students to the fascinating world of mobile robotics. It designed to enhance and improve performance at robotics competitions. You’ll find 670 components in this set. Among them will be the new fischertechnik TXT Controller that offers a full-color touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. Plus, it includes items such as a USB camera, a Gyro Sensor, 2 encoder motors, 3 ultrasonic distance sensors, a color sensor, an RR trail sensor, an XS motor, a photo-transistor, a photo-resistor, a reed contact, and an NTC resistor. A license of ROBO Pro, the easy-to-use graphic programming software for fischertechnik’s robotic models, is also included.

Save on fischertechik Robotics

In celebration of National Robotics Week. Studica is offering special savings on fischertechnik and fischertechnik education purchases made online at www.studica.com during the month of April. They can be applied at checkout for fischertechnik and fischertechnik Education robotics products.

  • Get $10 off: Save $10 on any fischertechnik purchase of $100 or more. Use code FTROBO.
    Expires 4/30/18 – Valid in the USA only. Exclusions may apply. Only one code per purchase. No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.
  • Get $50 off: Save $50 on any fischertechnik purchase of $500 or more. Use code FTROBO50.
    Expires 4/30/18 – Valid in the USA only. Exclusions may apply. Only one code per purchase. No purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.

*This giveaway is only available in the United States. Review details here.

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