Spotlight on the NEW fischertechnik Pneumatic Power set

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As we mentioned in a previous blog post, fischertechnik has added two specially priced sets to the STEM focused Profi line. Today we will look at the second of these sets.

Pneumatic Power set from fischertechnik

The fischertechnik Pneumatic Power set (#533874) explores the science behind using compressed air to move things. The set is designed for ages 8 and above, and includes 200 parts, along with full color instructions, for building 5 different functional pneumatic models. All five models feature much different designs than those currently found in other fischertechnik pneumatic focused sets, such as the Pneumatic 3 (#516185). They are the Basic model with Compressor, Pneumatic Excavator, Pneumatic Punch Press, Track Mounted Recovery Vehicle and Workshop Crane.

As they have with the new fischertechnik Solar Power set (#533875) which was discussed in our previous blog post, fischertechnik has created special instructional materials and videos to accompany this kit, all of which are available on the new fischertechnik eLearning Portal. This includes additional background information on how pneumatics work, various experiments that can be performed with the models, photos, and animations.  You can preview the eLearning Portal by visiting, but please note that to gain complete access to all the materials, you will need the special code included inside this set. The fischertechnik Pneumatic Power set, including access to the related materials found on the new fischertechnik eLearning Portal, is available now for a list price of only $70 USD each.

We hoped you enjoyed reading about the new fischertechnik Solar Power and Pneumatic Power sets. Stay tuned, next we will talk about the new fischertechnik Robotics Mini Bots set. You’ll be amazed how it can make robotics as easy as 1-2-3.

Author: Lance Zurek

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