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SREB Advanced Career Grants

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SREB Advanced Career GrantsThere is great news for schools interested in adopting SREB’s Advanced Career pathways. The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) is offering 100 training grants to educational institutions within SREB and High Schools That Work (HSTW) states. These schools are required to adopt one or more Advanced Career (AC) curricula for the 2016-2017 school year.

This grant will allow teachers to engage with AC course content and discover the best ways to help students complete real-world projects. Similar to what their students will be asked to do, educators can perform assignments and master using technology resources and software. Adopt Advanced Career curricula and take advantage of incredible savings along with expert training – it all starts here!

Teacher Training Grants for Advanced Career

The Advanced Career program is part of the High Schools That Work Initiative, supported by SREB. This program is composed of a rigorous and relevant blend of technical and academic skills. In order to ensure that students and educators are getting the most from the program, it is required that all AC teachers attend summer training. SREB’s Summer Teacher Training Institute supports teachers as they receive an intensive 10-day training session for each course they elect to integrate into their school.

Schools taking advantage of the teacher training grants will receive $3,250, which covers the training fee for one course within the chosen curriculum. Each school may accept two grants in order to implement Course 1 and 2, or choose to accept one grant to only implement Course 1.

Advanced Career Inspires Applicable STEM Learning

Advanced Career better prepares students for more options after high school. Schools shouldn’t have to encourage students to choose between college and career following their high school education. By adopting AC pathways, educators are given the tools and resources to challenge students to consider a wide array of possible postsecondary options. The workforce of today and tomorrow demands high levels of skill. Students who enroll in the AC program graduate high school better prepared to start a high-value job and/or go to college, community college or a technical school.

AC students work on STEM-related projects in teams, developing communication and critical thinking skills. Up to 70% of AC students reported frequently using reading, writing and mathematics to complete assignments – regardless of which course they were taking. Over 80% stated they noticed a connection between what they did in class and potential postsecondary studies and careers – and they noted a desire to pursue further coursework in their chosen AC pathway.

More Information

For more information, please visit our SREB Advanced Career pages or contact SREB directly at Not sure if your high school participates in the High Schools That Work initiative? Learn more at the High Schools That Work section on the SREB website. This initiative has reached over 1,200 sites in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

Now with this teacher training grant, it is even easier for eligible schools to adopt the AC program. Prepare your students for the future with relevant curriculum that gives them a greater depth of knowledge and skills.

*Statistics, images and video content provided by SREB

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