Use your Student Discount to Save Money

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How to Use your Student Discount to Save Money

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It’s time to get back into the swing of things. With a new semester starting, there is a lot on your plate.  Luckily for you, there are some simple and easy ways you can save extra money to help your budget go further as you head back to school.  Let me introduce you to the student discount!

What is a Student Discount?

Student-DiscountThere are some definite perks to being a student, one of the biggest is student discounts. All kinds of businesses offer you savings to use their products and services. You can save at restaurants, the movies, museums, and clothing stores. These discounts can be used for transportation, phones, subscriptions, memberships, software, technology, and much more. Often all you have to do it show your school ID. Different companies have different eligibility requirements. After a semester, all these savings can really add up.

Be sure to inquire about these offers wherever you go and especially, before making any major purchases. Asking this little question can help you make the most out of your budget.

Save on Software and Tech

LabVIEW and the NI myDAQ

Starting a new semester can be an expensive endeavor. It’s important to maximize savings and discounts now. You’ll need money left over for other necessities and of course, food, fun, and entertainment. Make note of companies that offer the items you need for class with academic savings. Companies like Studica (, that offer the software and tech you need for less. Simply using your student discount can save up to 90% on top brands.

Toon Boom Industry-Standard Animation SoftwareShop software and get LabVIEW, IBM SPSS, ZBrushSOLIDWORKSFinal Draft, Toon Boom, Microsoft, Unity Pro, and more at a fraction of the retail price. Save on PANTONE color management toolsWacom and Artisul digital drawing tablets. Use 3D navigation tools from 3Dconnexion to make life easier. Explore academic savings on robotics and electronics. Get extra savings – sign up for Studica emails to receive exclusive coupon codes*.

Not only can you save on software & technology products by using your student status, but you can save almost everywhere. Keep your student ID handy and snag savings on just about anything!

(*The newsletter and coupon codes are only available and valid in the United States and Canada.)

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