Studica Heads to ISTE 2015

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Studica is heading to ISTE this year to showcase some of our latest technology. The ISTE Conference & Expo is your chance to explore learning, exchange ideas and sample the field of education technology. ISTE 2015 takes place June 28th through July 1st, and hosts world-class keynotes, hundreds of sessions in various formats and exhibits from industry leaders.  It is the perfect chance for us to show you some of our top products in action!

Programming and 3D Printing at ISTE 2015

Come visit us at booth 520 to learn about the latest FUZE computer programming and 3D printing from XYZprinting. Let us tell you a bit about these products and how they’re making a difference in classrooms.
ISTE FUZEFUZE technology was born from a passion for programming and a love of electronics. It allows teachers to introduce students – varying from ages 7-17 – to BASIC programming. FUZE resources engage students in writing small programs and simple games. Powered by the Raspberry Pi (RPi), this technology has everything you need to offer classrooms a fun, engaging start to computational programming. Teach kids how to code with a system they can understand, and a solution that was made for your classroom!
XYZprinting’s da Vinci Junior
ISTE XYZ PTC BundleISTE is a great time to come and see 3D printing in action. We’ll be at booth 520, introducing people to XYZprinting’s newest, most affordable 3D printer yet – the da Vinci Junior. This printer offers you high resolution prints with a sleek, compact design. We really enjoy offering this 3D printer to elementary schools, because of its incredible price point and even better safety features. This platform offers detailed 3D prints on a non-heated print tray that doesn’t require calibration. See for yourself why both beginner and experienced 3D printer users are excited about the da Vinci Junior!

fischertechnik Education exhibits new Curriculum

ISTE FT EducationRemember the new fischertechnik STEM curriculum we told you about last month? Well, now is your chance to chat with our fischertechnik Education experts to learn how you can use fischertechnik to introduce STEM in your elementary classroom. Visit booth 522 to explore several affordable classroom solutions. Make STEM concepts easy to learn with a combination of interactive play and the construction of simple machines.

fischertechnik Education STEM I set allows students the opportunity to retain and apply STEM principles with the help of everyday technology. Take advantage of ISTE 2015 and discover why early STEM is so important!

Education thrives at ISTE 2015

ISTE Conference and Expo is an incredible event that inspires educators and academic institutions to use technology in new and innovative ways. Preparing students for the future starts with an understanding of what the future holds. We are proud to be a part of ISTE 2015, and to be among so many that are revolutionizing learning. Visit the EdTekHub to get all the latest ISTE ideas, highlight and topics – and don’t forget to visit booth 520 and 522 for some fun demonstrations!

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