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Toon Boom Harmony

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Toon Boom Harmony 12Toon Boom’s Harmony 12 was released last year to a group of very excited animators and studio designers. This powerful animation software has become an industry standard in content creation. From the silver screen to the small screen, Toon Boom is used in various productions to get the look and feel that studios want.

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Fox’s The Simpsons, NBC’s Hannibal – these titles and so many more relied on Toon Boom technology to bring their ideas to life! Obviously, we understand that Toon Boom isn’t exactly new. It’s been supporting artists for the last 20 years with groundbreaking storyboarding and animation software. However, Harmony 12 and Storyboard Pro 5 introduce new levels of subscription that provide studios of all sizes with powerful software they can afford. Did we mention that there are even more savings for students and educators?

Professional Animation at a Fraction of the Cost

Toon Boom Harmony for AnimationToon Boom offers a range of feature sets for Harmony 12, such as the Essentials, Advanced and Premium versions. Each version offers the versatility and reliability you come to expect from Toon Boom, but they also provide artists with an option to buy the features they need at a price they can afford. So, what does that mean for students and teachers?

It means even more academic savings! Toon Boom thrives on supporting the next generation of graphics and animation professionals, which is why so many of their products are offered at academic discounts. The same software used by artists to create some of your favorite movies and TV shows, can also be used in the classroom or at home to bolster students’ portfolios.

For those of you at the tail end of your programs, Toon Boom also offers an upgrade from a student license to a commercial license. All at a discount! Each license includes support, meaning you’ll have the best opportunity to master Harmony and Storyboard Pro in no time.

Advance Your Resume with Certification and Training

The Toon Boom Certification and Training program is specifically designed to meet the rigorous academic standards of students and educators, as well as the professional demands within digital media environments. Studica offers this program to students, educators and professionals interested in advancing their resumes and essential design skills.

Those that benefit most from the program are:

  • Students enrolled in a specialized program (film, communications, audiovisual, gaming, or digital content)
  • Teachers or academic professionals at an educational institution
  • Professional storyboard artists, animators, character riggers, or compositors
  • Business and/or animation studios interested in certifying employees in Toon Boom technology

Learn More About Toon Boom

The best way to learn more about a program is to see it in action! Check out the Toon Boom Animation YouTube channel for tutorials and interesting tips for transforming your designs into high-quality animations.

From storyboarding to content creation, Toon Boom provides software that is intuitive and fundamental to your animation workflow. The Emmy award-winning Storyboard Pro 5 combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls to help you develop your story with total artistic control. Meanwhile, Toon Boom’s Harmony contains artist-friendly drawing and animation tools, plus workflow accelerators so you can deliver amazing results every time – on time!

It’s all here. Check out our Toon Boom store to take advantage of academic savings and select the program that’s right for you.

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