Exploring the Toon Boom Learn Portal for Education

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Exploring the Toon Boom Learn Portal for Education

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Harmony from Toon Boom is an industry standard animation software that’s used for film, television, app, and game development. Toon Boom Animation also offers Storyboard Pro, an easy-to-use platform for crafting detailed storyboards. Both programs are incredibly powerful, which means there is a lot to learn if you want to maximize your productivity. Fortunately, Toon Boom has a free learning portal for students and educators. This learning portal, Toon Boom Learn, can help you go from knowing nothing about the software to being an expert user.

How to Get Access to Toon Boom Learn

Let’s get started! We will begin by showing you how to access and use the website so you can start learning how to use your software. First, you may want to create a Toon Boom account on their website. You can create an account on this page. Fill out any information that’s asked of you and follow any further instructions provided by Toon Boom to complete the registration. Note: You can use the learning portal without an account, but you cannot save your progress or take quizzes for each section.  Once you have your account created, navigate to the learn portal site.

How to Use the Learn Portal

On the portal’s main page, you’ll be given multiple options, as seen here:


Toon Boom Learn offers journeys, courses, and modules for Harmony and Storyboard Pro.

  • Journeys assist you in selecting the best courses and modules to meet your skill objectives. Kick-Start programs are available to help you develop your skill set quickly. Additional journeys are also available.
  • Courses help you learn a specific skill. There are a variety of courses available for beginners to advanced users.
  • Modules discuss certain topics within a course to create a simple lesson that can be easily grasped.

Where to Start

If you’re new to the software, your best option is to click the “Learn Now!” option for either Storyboard Pro or Harmony, depending on your software. This link will bring you to a set of journeys that will help get you started.


Either of these links will bring you to a beginner-level Journey page that will provide a list of courses for you to go through.

If you click on “Learn Now” for Harmony, you will be brought to this page:


You can click on any of these courses to open their modules. For instance, if I click on “Harmony Essentials Kick-Start”, I will be brought to a new page.


Click the title


Now, you will arrive at the Module page for this course. On this page, you have many modules you can choose from. Click on the one you want to learn more about and you will be brought to the lessons page.


Click the Title


On the lessons page, you will see a list of lessons you can read. You will notice a “Download Material” option on the right side of the page. If you plan on following along with the tutorials, it is recommended that you download the materials for this module.


Once the materials are downloaded, you can go into any lesson you want and follow along with the content. If you have questions about how to setup the sample files, click the “How to Install” link beneath the “Download Material” button to get more information on setting up the data.

To access a lesson, click on the lesson name that you want to access in the list.


The lesson page will usually have text describing the lesson and explaining core concepts for that lesson. Generally, lessons are accompanied by a tutorial video, which makes it easy to follow along. Terminology will also often be listed on these pages.

At the bottom of the lesson, there will always be a quiz that you can take. You must be signed into your Toon Boom account to take the Quiz. These quizzes are there to test your understanding of the concepts you just learned about.

Here’s an example of a lesson page:


Here’s an example of a quiz:


As you complete lessons, your progress will be tracked. When you go back to the Modules page, you’ll notice your progress.


You can also see the progress of your courses and journeys.




That’s all you need to do to get up to speed with Harmony and Storyboard Pro! The Toon Boom Learn portal is entirely free and provides an enormous amount of useful resources. We highly recommend that anybody who is new to Harmony or Storyboard Pro should make use of this site. The lessons are well-written and the training videos are easy to follow. The sample downloads make it easy for you to follow along with the tutorials. This is a wonderful resource for both students and educators and we hope that you will make use of it. Good luck!

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