Tormach CNC Machine Demonstration Center Now at Studica Canada

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Studica Limited in Canada is now the proud owner of a Tormach PCNC 770 Series III CNC Mill.  As a next step in bringing the quality CNC machine capabilities to schools across Canada, Studica is now equipped to give demonstrations on the capabilities, accessories, and applications of the Tormach Product Line. For those unfamiliar CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It is a method used in modern machining to perform a wide variety of tasks.

CNC Machine Demonstrations at Studica

Currently Studica is the only official Demo Center for Tormach Mills in Canada, although these mills can be found in schools and businesses in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  Here are some of the CNC machine items that Studica can now give a complete demonstration on:

Tormach Tooling System

We can also answer and advise on key setup questions.  After having done multiple installations we are very familiar with the setup process. The Tormach matic Tool Changer (ATC) is capable of holding ten tools in its carousel.  Fully integrated with the Mach 3 Controller, the ATC is an efficient and quick solution to tool management.  With its double acting air cushioned pneumatic cylinder, the Tormach ATC is quiet and controlled.

Coming soon to the Tormach lineup is the Personal Surface Grinder and the Slant Bed Lathe.  These two exciting new products offer an expansion on the current Tormach lineup.  The Lathe will be controlled with a newly developed controller from Tormach and will feature manual quick change 4 position tool post, 12” Z and 10” X, and a 3HP Spindle.

Tormach CNC MachineSo far we have done demos on the 770’s ability to machine numbers into stainless steel, small water purifier parts from Delrin, and robotics parts from Aluminum.  If you have a test cut that you would like us to do please let us know.  Swing by and we will set it up for you.  It is very exciting to finally have our own PCNC here at Studica in Mississauga.  Our machine has been running every day, and we are sure that you will enjoy seeing it.

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