Unity 5 Pro Suite Available for Students

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Student/Teacher Unity 5 Pro Suite Available!

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Unity-5-ProUnity is a fully-integrated development engine used to create 2D, 3D multiplatform games and interactive content. If you’ve read any of our Unity blogs, you know that Studica is a big fan. Many popular games are created using Unity. In fact, the Pokémon GO mobile game making news everywhere was made with Unity. One thing that we haven’t really talked about (until now), is that Unity offers a special Unity 5 Pro Student Suite. Students passionate about game design and development can purchase this product and enjoy big education savings.

What is Unity 5 Pro?

Before we get started talking about the Unity 5 Professional license – let’s start by clarifying that there is a Unity Personal edition that is available for free which is great for beginners. Unity 5 Pro is designed for the more advanced creator looking to take their development to the next level. It offers complete flexibility, advanced customization and more storage. Learn more about Unity Pro 5.

Why Choose Unity 5 Pro?

Unity 5 EditorTo help us answer this question, I spoke with our resident Unity expert, Mark Philipp. Here are the benefits of Unity Pro that interested him. “Unity Pro gives you 3 months of access to the Unity courseware, which is the learning material for Unity’s new certification process. Getting certified is a great way for students to showcase their Unity knowledge. Unity Pro also provides a 40% discount on asset kits from Unity’s Asset Store. Assets allow you to skip tedious, often difficult, things in Unity. Consequently, assets are a great way for students looking to accelerate their development.

Unity 5 Pro Editor UI SkinIn addition, I find the Pro Editor UI Skin to be awesome. It makes the software have a dark theme about it. It’s so much easier on the eyes and is more comfortable to look at for long periods of time.

The last thing that stands out to me is the premium support that you get with Pro. You get 24-hour support and access to a number of support specialists who will work with you to work through any issue or question. This can be very useful, especially for students learning the program. Likewise, advanced Unity users will likely have more technical or difficult questions that require focused support to resolve. At the highest level, it’s likely they won’t find solutions to their problems on the Unity forums or with standard Unity support.”

unity analyticsList of Unity 5 Pro Features:

  • Unity Engine with Complete Features
  • Unlimited Revenue Capacity
  • Customizable Splash Screen
  • Unity Cloud Build Pro – perfect for developing on mobile
  • Unity Analytics Pro – get insights on audience behavior
  • Team License – allows project sharing
  • Beta Access – VIP access to new features before their release
  • Asset Store Discounts
  • Game Performance Reporting
  • Priority Bug Handling – higher priority with Unity support
  • Premium Support

Student Discount on Unity 5 Pro

save moneyIf you are a student that is serious about game development, Unity offers education discounts for students, teachers and schools. In addition to all the Pro benefits, the Unity 5 Pro Edition – Student Complete Suite Annual License  also includes the  iOS Pro and Android Pro add-ons. This product is available for both Windows and Mac. Full time students and faculty are eligible to purchase this at a fraction of the cost of the commercial Unity 5 Pro license. Last time I checked, this was a savings off 60% off the retail price. Classroom pricing is available for academic institutions.

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