Use Melodyne to Work Magic on your Audio

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Work Magic on your Audio with Melodyne

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Melodyne Edit TimingMelodyne is a staple for recording artists and engineers. Simply stated Melodyne by Celemony is a software application for Mac and PC that allows you to edit audio in a completely new, more musical way. You don’t work with a generic waveform, but instead with actual notes. You have great control of each and every note. At the note level, you can adjust phrasing, dynamics and intonation.

Melodyne MacrosThis is a great tool for voice correction, it allows you to edit vocals and monophonic instruments. It goes about above and beyond by also allowing you to work with polyphonic instruments such as guitars and pianos. The capabilities are exciting, but instead of reading about them, watch this short video to see what this powerful software can do.

Melodyne – The “Photoshop for Sounds”

Melodyne Tempo IntelligenceMelodyne has received much attention over the years. When DNA Direct Note Access™  was released in 2008, it became possible to edit individual notes within chords. This was a groundbreaking moment for music creators. As a result the New York Times heralded their technology as a “breakthrough”. Der Speigel, a German magazine came up with the headline “Photoshop for Sounds” which is an excellent analogy.  To be sure, in the world of musicians and producers, this software is widely used and highly regarded.  A few testimonials: Pete Townshend from The Who regards it as “a miracle”, Peter Gabriel and Depeche Mode producer Gareth Jones adore it, and Herbie Hancock acknowledges it as a “must-have” for musicians. You can read more artist reviews here.

Which Version of Melodyne is Right for You?

First of all, there are 4 versions available to choose from. Because they vary in price and capabilities, here is a list of the options starting from the most complete (and most expensive) to the least expensive.

  1. Melodyne 4 Studio is the complete solution. Providing all the functions for the creative applications and correction on an unlimited number of tracks. A sophisticated and powerful environment for audio editing. Perfect for sound editing, creative tasks and vocal tuning.
  2. Melodyne 4 Editor is designed for single tracks. Similar tools to those found in the Studio version, but only applies to individual tracks. Whereas the Studio version offers unlimited tracks.
  3. Melodyne 4 Assistant is considered the “small Melodyne”. The cost conscious choice for rhythmic and monophonic audio. Provides the full toolkit and great sound quality, but does not edit polyphonic audio. Certain functions found in Editor and Studio are not available.
  4. Melodyne 4 Essential is an entry-level version. The basic editing tools for pitch and timing. Perfect for tuning vocals with practically no artifacts. Yes, it is the most basic but it is the most affordable and there is the opportunity to upgrade to higher versions by simply paying the difference.

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