Use ZBrush to Cut 3D Printing Costs

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Yes, you heard that right. Lester Banks was gracious enough to expose methods of using the Dynamesh feature of ZBrush to save money on your 3D printing. He identifies how you can reduce the amount of materials you need to print by hollowing out the model using Dynamesh. The overall effect is a lighter 3d model that requires less material and you guessed it – saves you money. Watch his video to learn more.

What is ZBrush?

Pixologic ZBrushIf you aren’t familiar with ZBrush, it is a popular digital sculpting program that is widely used in the entertainment industry. The company that makes it is called Pixologic. ZBrush allows you to work on 3D, 2D and 2.5D environments. The 3D environment is more geared towards movies and video games. It is wear items are created, sculpted and painted. The 2.5D focuses more on illustrations. This software has changed the way artists can created with revolutionary sculpting features. ZBrush takes digital art creation software to new levels with unparalleled control and power. The interface is elegant and intuitive and the software has an arsenal of features and was created with usability in mind.

What's New with ZBrush 4R6

The latest version – ZBrush 4R6 continues to make the software more powerful and easier to use. The ZRemesher feature is the next evolution of Pixologic’s automatic retopology solution. The new functions allow you to analyze the curvature of your model with the subtlety of the human eye but also the precision of a computer. Several new brushes have also been introduced like those with trim curve, enhanced brushes with mesh fusion, frame mesh, bridge curve and much more. Students and Faculty qualify for special academic pricing on ZBrush.

What Can You Do with ZBrush?

ZBrush is ideal for sculpting, texturing, rendering and illustration. It provides tools for several types of base mesh generation such as dynamesh mentioned above, shadow box, zspheres, mannequin and primitives (learn more). You can see for yourself what ZBrush can do by visiting their user gallery where you can see cool works on display. They also offer a series of video tutorials to assist you as you use the software. Another popular use for ZBrush is in the creation of sculptures for video games for use in game creation software such as Unity (see student offers for Unity), Unreal engine and Cry engine.

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