Win Business with Visualization Tools from Lumion

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Win Business with Visualization Tools from Lumion

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Lumion Architectural Visualization Software

Exterior render of Hotel Barceló Ponent rendered by Nico

Are you searching for ways to make your architectural designs stand out from the competition and win business? Let your audience feel your design. Immerse them in the space you are presenting. Use visualization to allow them to truly experience your work. That sounds great if you have a plenty of time on your hands and a background in rendering, right? No, not anymore, Lumion software quickly creates visualizations and makes everyone feel like an expert. It is easy to learn and use. It is also fast. Now, you can turn your CAD drawings into images, videos and 360 ° panoramas in a short amount of time. Yes – you can do these things! All without training – take a moment to look over this video and see how it works.

The Importance of Visualization and Storytelling in Design

When you create a great design, the job doesn’t end there. You still need to sell your ideas to your client.  Creating a powerful visual presentation is a key element for communicating. You want clients to experience design, to get them excited and to connect with their emotions. If you communicate properly, you will have them interacting and carefully considering your designs.

3D architectural visualization software

Interior render with Hyperlight® lighting. ©2016 Act-3D BV

The Evolution of Architectural Visualization Software

Lumion is a leader in 3D architectural visualization software. In fact, 61 of the top 100 architect companies in the world use Lumion. Luckily for us, ACT-3D is a company passionate about transforming sophisticated visualization technology to make it accessible to typical architecture, engineering and construction professionals can utilize it. They constantly strive to improve.

Act-3D just released the 6.5 update of Lumion. This release brings an updated search engine and several new features. Lumion 6.5 offers transparent trees, panorama mode, tools to apply materials faster and the ability to duplicate items by moving them vertically. The improvements aren’t only feature-based, ACT-3D also focuses on making the product simpler and easier to use. This recent release offers new learning materials to enhance your skills.

Purchasing LumionPurchasing Lumion

Studica offers three different Lumion 3D products: Lumion CommercialLumion PRO Commercial and Lumion 6 PRO Educational. Find the product that best suits your needs and budget by reviewing this Lumion product comparison chart.

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