Welding Simulation Tools: The teachWELD

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TechWeld Welding SimulatorStudica was pleased to offer the Official Canadian Launch of the teachWELD Welding Simulator during the Skills Canada competition in Vancouver, Canada.  This exciting new addition to Canada offers a complete welding teaching tool in a very simple and easy to use system.  With a connection to a computer a student can begin to teach themselves the principles and fundamentals of Metallurgy and Welding.  The added curriculum also offers an excellent opportunity for Teachers to expand their welding programs.  The teachWELD also offers an affordability and ease of use that is unrivalled by similar products.

The teachWELD offers a new safer environment for the beginner welder.  This new approach to teaching this skilled trade is allowing many more students the opportunity to get interested in manufacturing and fabrication.  Students with different interests are now seeing more value in careers in skilled trades.

The students at Skills Canada are certainly of this frame of mind.  Many of the students competing at Skills Canada and those there as spectators that stopped to try the simulator are now seeing the appeal and sustainability of skilled trades. This is an important mindset to foster and enhance in our students, and new technology like the teachWELD will allow us to do just that.

Please let us know if you would like to try your skills at a Welding Simulator.  We would be happy to show you this front runner in the world of skilled simulations.

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