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worldskills countdown
The countdown begins! This April marks four months until the 2015 WorldSkills Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Known as the Olympics of trade skills, the 43rd biennial competition will host participants from over 50 countries and regions around the world. We were proud to announce our official sponsorship and supplier status of the WorldSkills Competition, earlier this year. Following the success of the event’s Competition Preparation Week (CPW) in February, the WorldSkills movement is certainly expanding and inspiring educators. So, we’ve decided to expand with it! Along with our contribution of the official WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Component Collection, Studica is now providing schools with the WorldSkills Robotics Starter Kit.

Join many of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics competitors, as you and your students delve into the world of competitive robotics and face challenges that inspire innovation.

Develop STEM Skills with WorldSkills Robotics

WorldSkills Robotics Starter KitThe WorldSkills Robotics Starter Kit is an affordable way to get started, and work towards larger robotics competitions. It uses many of the same components of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Component Collection, including the NI myRIO and LabVIEW for autonomous control of your robotic designs. Similar to the skills required in the WorldSkills Robotics Competition, students that use robotics in the classroom are introduced to mechanical and electronic skills, sensor technology and programming. These types of curricula also reinforce basic mathematics, comprehension skills, problem-solving and teamwork.

Successful STEM education isn’t merely about teaching science, technology, engineering and math concepts, but rather providing students with a hands-on experience wherein they are actively learning and applying academic principles. Why not achieve this through adopting classroom kits established by a global community? WorldSkills Robotics Starter Kits allow students to maintain robotic designs, develop new applications and conduct research to expand the potential for their designs.

Robotics Competitions Inspire Fun

Whether you’re interested in competing within the classroom or on a grander scale, the WorldSkills Robotics Starter Kit will spark student engagement with robotics. Start your students out small with building their own robots, and then add an element of fun with a competitive challenge. Asking students to fulfill a challenge will introduce them to programming and push them to approach projects with their own creative solutions.

Mobile robotics is a rapidly evolving field with applications in diverse industries, including: manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining, medicine and many more. Create fun activities with a comprehensive robotics kit and provide students with skills that are relevant to future career markets.

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