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PTC Precision Learning Management System

PTC University eLearning provides 6,000+ hours of online content for PTC’s products. You can pick-and-choose the PTC Creo® relevant for you and create an online textbook for your computer-aided design (CAD) courses. With ‘flipped classrooms’ being a reoccurring and influential buzzword in academia, PTC Educational eLearning provides an out-of-the-box solution to get up and running with this new form of teaching. Your students can learn at home, utilize the modules you assign, and put them into practice during class where an instructor is present for questions.

Learn – Manage – Assess – Support

Main Features:

  • Over 3000 hours of digital content with video and PDF tutorials
  • E-learning Connector to upload your own content & modules
  • Customizable Course Builder
  • Class Management Tools to Assign courses & much more
  • Built in Assessments with Automatic Grading
  • Course Designer with easy to use templates or upload your own
  • Classroom/Student 24 hour on-line Technical Support

Features of PTC University eLearning


PTC Educational eLearning provides educators with access to modern forms of learning. When teaching a generation raised on technology, it is important for schools to offer a well-rounded educational experience that caters to a new learning style and industry demands. Video tutorials, digital learning solutions, student management, and eLearning are just a few of the new opportunities available for instructors and their students. Don’t worry about renewing textbooks or having to update curriculum content. With PTC’s University eLearning, it’s easy to stay current and prepare your students for the future ahead.


  • Learning Management
    Successfully leveraging eLearning in your classroom, ensures that the content provided to students is top-notch and accessible in an an intuitive, easy-to-use method. Create a course with pre-configured modules, assign homework to students, monitor competencies and homework status and use assessments to track success. These are just some of the features offered in the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Affordable
    Remove the need to update curriculum every year by providing a cost-saving alternative that upgrades automatically with each new computer-aided design (CAD) software update.
  • Support
    Support your students 24/7, with context-sensitive instruction available within the CAD tool. Whatever their learning preference – whether they are visual, hands-on or instructor-led learners – eLearning accommodates each student.
  • Make it Real
    Save time teaching a CAD course by making the "picks-and-clicks" of the CAD tool available outside of class. This enables educators to teach fundamental engineering theory in class and infuse real world experiences.
  • Built for You
    eLearning is able to integrate your own content and curriculum into its automated learning tool and also offers a variety of languages.
  • Efficient
    Automate the assessment of students' parts, assemblies and drawings without having to utilize grading assistants or work around issues with student file management.



(for Students, Faculty and Academic Institutions -Price Per License)

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