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DeskProto V6 Entry Edition

DeskProto V6 Entry Edition has the same functionality as more advanced DeskProto programs, without the additional parameters meant for more experienced users. Enjoy the same easy-to-use interface and file import options as expert editions. DeskProto Entry is meant for users in need of an affordable solution and basic CAM features. Discover what you can accomplish with professional tools on a budget.

  • 3D machining of the geometry in an STL file.
  • 2D machining of the drawing in a DXF, EPS or AI file.
  • Bitmap machining of the picture in a bitmap file (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF).

Features of DeskProto V6 Entry Edition

  • Scale, Mirror and Rotate the geometry
  • Set a bottom level (the minimum Z-value to be machined)
  • Define and select cutters
  • Distance between the parallel toolpaths, and stepsize along the toolpath
  • Speeds: feedrate and spindle speed
  • Roughing options: skin thickness and layer height
  • Simple 2D machining
  • Bitmap machining (grey-value to Z-Height conversion)

DeskProto Entry offers the following calculating toolpath options:

  • Simulate the 3D toolpath
  • Estimate the machining time
  • Choose a user-interface: wizard or dialog-based
  • or create a project with the wizard and then fine-tune using the dialogs
  • Freely add machine-definitions
  • Configure your own postprocessor (if needed)

For a complete list of features, view the comparison chart below.

DeskProto Edition Comparison Chart


2-5 Commercial Licenses

part# V625CL


6-30 Commercial Licenses

part# V6630CL


DeskProto is a MS Windows application: it needs Win XP (SP3), Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or newer.

Non-Windows platforms are not supported, though:
DeskProto runs OK on an Apple Mac under Mac OS X using the Parallels Desktop Windows emulation software.

Note that using a virtual machine like this the 30 trial days are not available (as on a virtual machine these would never end).
On 64 bits Windows versions a 64 bits DeskProto will be installed, otherwise a 32 bits version.

Minimum required hardware is a Pentium PC with 1 GB RAM and 100 GB of free disk space.

The 3D graphics card in your PC needs to support OpenGL
In many cases graphics problems can be solved by downloading and installing a more recent display driver. A powerful graphics card is recommended as that will speed up drawing.

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