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FRC Rookie Basic Startup Kit

Looking to start an FIRST Robotics Competition team, or want to have a good start on the robot for your rookie team? This is the kit for you! It combines many of the basics to get you going, with a drive chassis, electronics for the robot, and some extras to get you on your way to building. You'll receive some of these items again in the Kit of Parts, but many of the tools and parts will be useful in your rookie build. (Of course, we highly encourage you to read the manual to ensure your in-season build remains legal.)

Having a few extra helpful tools and parts can make the robot building experience even better. We've put together a kit that provides additional items that enhance your robot and building ability, am-3051.

Please check the web links below for specifications and more detailed items on these individual parts. 

Included Hardware:


  • One -AM14U3, 2016 KoP Chassis (am-14u3)
  • One - Battery Tray for AM14U Series (am-2939)
  • One - Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet, 1/8" thick, 36.75"x26.75" (am-0836)


  • One - NI roboRIO (am-3000)
  • Two - Logitech Gamepad F310 (am-2064)
  • Eight - Victor SPX Motor Controller (am-3748)
  • Eight - 3-wire PWM cable, 36 inches (am-0695)
  • One - Power Distribution Panel (am-2856)
  • One - Voltage Regulator Module (am-2857)
  • One - Open Mesh OM5P-AC DUal Band Access Point (am-3205)
  • One - Power Cable (am-3082)
  • Eight - 40 Amp Snap Action Breaker (am-0288)
  • Four - 30 Amp Snap Action Breaker (am-0290)
  • Two - 20 Amp Snap Action Breaker (am-0289)
  • Two - Battery Cable (am-0009)
  • One - Set of 2 Batteries: Power Patrol SLA1116 (am-3062)
  • One - Robot Power Cable Kit (am-0975)

Other Electronics:

  • One - 12 gauge red black bonded wire, 25ft length (am-0904)
  • One - 18 gauge red black bonded wire, 25ft length (am-2839)
  • One - Electronic Connector Basic Kit, 181 pieces plus cable ties (am-2670)

Drive Motors:

  • Four - 2.5" CIM Motor (am-0255)

Planetary Motors and Parts:

  • One - PG188 Gearmotor, with Encoder (am-2924)
  • Two - PG71 Planetary Gearbox with RS775 Motor and Encoder (am-2971)
  • Three - Hall Effect Encoder Cable, Encoder Connector to Split End Connector (am-2993)
  • Three - Planetary GearMotor Bracket (am-2197)
  • Three - 10mm Key Hub (am-0985a)
  • One - Standard Machine Key Pack (am-2219)

Other Motors and Parts

  • One - Snow Blower motor Bracket (am-2373)
  • One - Snow Blower Motor (am-2235)
  • One - 10mm DD Bore Hub (am-2279)


  • One - Cable Tie Gun (am-2592)
  • Two - Cable Ties, 8", Natural Nylon, bag of 100 (am-1189)
  • One - Cable Tie Holder, Qty 50 (am-2852)
  • One - Robot Building Tools Set (am-2842)
  • One - Crimp Tool, 10" for insulated terminals (am-2215)


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