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20 Tooth Track Drive Pulley

These molded plastic pulley halves are specially designed to drive our Rhino Track Drive belt (am-3288) and are used as drive pulleys in the Rhino Track Drive module (am-3322). This design features strength improvements over earlier designs.

These two pulley halves are made from the Rev4 pulley design, which includes these improvements over the Rev3 design:

less recessed depth for screw counter bore
6 additional ribs supporting the material around the bearing pocket
increased radius for ribs supporting the material around the bearing pocket
added a fillet feature at the base of the screw counter bore

The process for improvements for this Rev4 version is documented on this web page.


  • Pitch diameter: 3.02"
  • Outside diameter: 3.13" at outer tooth edge
  • Overall Width: 2.10" with both halves together
  • Width with Bearings: 2.30" when two bearings pressed in
  • Bore: 0.96" with bearing pocket of 1.124" diameter by 0.27" deep
  • Bolt Pattern: Alternating 0.16" and 0.20" diameter holes, evenly spaced on a 1.875" diameter bolt circle
  • Material: Black Polycarbonate
  • Fits belt types: 2.0" Wide HV, 0.5" pitch Rhino Track Drive belt (am-3288)
  • Weight: 0.34 pounds

Included Parts:

  • Two - Pulley Half
  • Six - #10-24 x 1-1/4" Thread Forming Screw


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