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This encoder mounts to the nose of a CIM Motor and senses the rotations of the CIM Motor output shaft. A housing, mounted to the CIM Motor, protects the encoder circuitry while a collet spins with the motor output shaft. Pull up resistors are necessary to generate an output signal for the desired voltage level. The CIMCoder decreases the over CIM shaft length by 0.31".

Encoder Pinout:

  • Pin 1: VDD
  • Pin 2: Ch A
  • Pin 3: GND
  • Pin 4: Ch B


  • Weight (lbs): 0.06
  • Pulses Per Revolution: 20/channel (There has been a update to this specification to increase reliability.)
  • Operating Voltage: 4 - 24VDC
  • 100% non-contact design

Included Hardware:

  • One - Encoder
  • One - Target Magnet with set screw
  • One - Centering agent
  • One - Spacer tool for magnet installation
  • One - 36" cable with molex connector

Used with:

Encoder cable, 36" long, with single pin connectors (am-2269)


Part# am-3314a


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